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New gallery opening in Oswestry!

A new art gallery called Screamin’ Chicken is opening in Oswestry on Saturday, 3rd September 2011 in the Cambrian Buildings, Coney Green. The gallery will be open from 11am to 3pm on that Saturday and from 11am to 3pm Wednesday to Saturdays from then on.
It will be run by a collective of 12 professional local artists and exhibiting exciting, experimental, unexpected and collaborative contemporary art work.
It will be a great venue for the “what if” and that “just finished” piece of work too.
For more informatin contact
Bob Knowles on 01691 238757 or email

Super Art!

Last chance this coming month to catch a great exhibition at the Qube featuring a range of comic book and cartoon art. “Comics Stripped” features the work of a range of artists, producing both single-panel cartoons and larger comic-book length work. There are finished as well as just-inked pages and panels on display, which means you get to see not only the final product, but some of the production stages involved. Not often this kind of exhibition comes to Oswestry, so this is a good opportunity to see some first-class comic art.

And while you’re in town catching the comic art exhibition, don’t forget to stop by for a last chance to see “The Way”.

Don’t forget, too, that Studio A1 is changing hands at the end of July, and as of August will be taken over by Bob Knowles and John Wragg and transformed into the “Screaming Chicken Gallery“. This gallery will feature visiting artists as well as showcase the work of the twelve artists who are resident in the Cambrian Studios Building. For more information on the new Screaming Chicken Gallery, stop by Bob Knowles’ studio in the Cambrian Buildings.


Studio A1 is open on Weds and Sats throughout July while “the WAY” exhibition is on.

We will be taking time out in August, but holding get-togethers (planning exhibitions, art crits etc) again regularly from September in The Willow Gallery, 56 Willow St. Oswestry. We welcome your input.



From 2008, Inside Out Art Group covered exhibition costs through donations from members.

During the past year we set up a base in Studio A1 and a number of Inside Out Artists contributed towards the rental costs and became “members of A1”.

From August 2011, spearheaded by artist Bob Knowles, Studio A1 will be re-named and become the new gallery space for all the artists in the Cambrian Studios.

Inside Out get togethers will then take place in The Willow Gallery, or the Dunbabin room at The Willow Gallery or in John’s room at Cambrian (to be advised)


If you would like to join the Inside Out Art Group and take part in our exhibitions –  the subs for 2011-2012, due from July 2011, is £30 -towards exhibiting/promotional costs.

(Alternatively you can join individual exhibitions for £15 per exhibition).


Either cheques made out to Inside Out Art Projects CIC Ltd., or cash to Diana.

Any queries, please get in touch –

Best wishes


The progress of that little 3D Railway piece!

Had a lovely time today in A1 – trying the different permutations with these railway pieces……endless and limitless

possibilities – I have 200 photographs! Here are just three.

Fetching works from SPACE

To all those who have works displayed in SPACE in Ellesmere – 1.reminder that Thursday is the day to collect. 2. That Rob will fetch the works of the following artists on Weds. and you can arrange to collect from Cambrian later.
Anne, Brenda,Rob,Diana,Mo,Chris(Bradshaw),Dorothy, Hayley, Jacqui,Joan,Sandy

“the WAY” update!!

Preparations for the installation of our 7 venue project “the WAY” are in process!!
Count down to Monday 27th June starts now!
Monday we install at The Heritage Centre
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Dunbabin room at the Willow Gallery
Friday at The Walls Restaurant Function room
Friday evening is the official opening event at The Willow Gallery along with their exciting exhibition on The Foundry – starts 7.30pm (and not at 7.0 as on the attached invite)
Monday 4th we install in Oswestry Library, upstairs and downstairs and in St. Oswalds Church and
Tuesday 5th in Studio A1.
Please note all these venues have their own opening times. Most are open on most weekdays, but Studio A1 opens on Weds. and Sats from 10.0-4.0.
Hope you enjoy the show!! Any queries please contact Diana on 01691600340.

Doodling in SPACE!!

Dorothy started a public doodling session at SPACE in Ellesmere and a number of people joined in enthusiastically  last Saturday. Rob took over on Sunday and continued the good work. Both adults and children appeared to enjoy the opportunity.

SPACE in Ellesmere!!!

Don’t miss this, our latest exhibition in Ellesmere.
Many, many thanks to all who came to help -many thanks to Dee and to Lucy for making it happen – it looks great.

Guitar and vocals tuition at Studio A1

Other art forms go on at Studio A1 – Nick’s individual guitar and vocals tuition is available – see his website for details

Open Studio!

Along with Jacqui Dodds, Ben Broadbent and Judy Greaves Diana is hosting an open studio at Bronygarth near Chirk for the next two weekends in June.
This is a Borderland Visual Arts annual event and details can be found on the website at
We are open 10.0-4.0 on Saturdays and Sundays. Work will be on display and the artists will be working. Drop in and catch up with us!

Can’t be in two places at once? Sorry, Diana will not be at Studio A1 again until Weds 15th June. But do drop in and see Tony’s work that is being displayed there throughout June. Best days are Weds and Sats as usual.

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