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Super Art!

Last chance this coming month to catch a great exhibition at the Qube featuring a range of comic book and cartoon art. “Comics Stripped” features the work of a range of artists, producing both single-panel cartoons and larger comic-book length work. There are finished as well as just-inked pages and panels on display, which means you get to see not only the final product, but some of the production stages involved. Not often this kind of exhibition comes to Oswestry, so this is a good opportunity to see some first-class comic art.

And while you’re in town catching the comic art exhibition, don’t forget to stop by for a last chance to see “The Way”.

Don’t forget, too, that Studio A1 is changing hands at the end of July, and as of August will be taken over by Bob Knowles and John Wragg and transformed into the “Screaming Chicken Gallery“. This gallery will feature visiting artists as well as showcase the work of the twelve artists who are resident in the Cambrian Studios Building. For more information on the new Screaming Chicken Gallery, stop by Bob Knowles’ studio in the Cambrian Buildings.

Get noticed!

Get noticed at the Cambrian Studios Building!

Hot off the press this one! The Cambrian Studios Building now has a NEW noticeboard! It’s up on the right hand side of the door, immediately as you come through. Couldn’t be better placed. Thanks to Sue, George and Bob for arranging this.

Now there’s a dedicated place for all our Inside Out and Studio A1 posters, plus a place for posters from all us artists in the Cambrian Studios Building: Bob, Tony, myself, Rob and Hilary. All notices about events we’re involved with, classes we’re running or exhibitions we’re taking part in will now be up on this new noticeboard.

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