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Shropshire Libraries Consultation

Over the years, all of the art groups in Oswestry have made good use of Oswestry Library. The Hillfort Creativity Group, the Inside Out art group, BVA, OsMakes – all of us (and more) have benefitted from the Library’s open and supportive attitude towards local artists.

Shropshire Libraries is now carrying out a consultation about the future of all libraries in Shropshire. This is about money, of course – saving it: cutting library funding yet again because it’s seen as a soft target.

But this consultation is a chance for all of us community artists to make our voices heard and say how important the library is for us and our work. Take the online survey and let Shropshire Council know YOU feel about Oswestry Library.

Claire final touches

Hopefully everyone has seen the posters for our two exhibitions – at Oswestry Library and at Qube – up on Facebook and around town.

You are all cordially invited to an “Open Evening” at our Qube exhibition. This will be an opportunity for us all to have a look at what the various members of the group have been working on, creatively speaking. It will be an informal evening, and everyone – group members, friends, family, rival artists and curious passers-by – is welcome.

The Open Evening will be at Qube – Oswestry Community Arts, onThursday Oct. 10th at 6:30. Refreshments will be served!

HCG Qube Oct 2019 poster

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