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Show us The Way

Show us The Way, Geoff!

Show us The Way, Geoff!

Geoff’s been busy – here’s his photo collage board he produced for “The Way” up now in the old Oswestry Station foyer.

As Geoff has also proved with his photo slideshow in The Griffin, there are potential exhibition slots all over the place, you just have to look – and ask. Most people are happy to accommodate a piece of artwork in a shop or similar. In fact, as we found out at Oswestry Show last year, most people are more than happy to to provide artists with just such an opportunity.

So if you spot a blank wall somewhere – ask if you can stick something up on it!

“Offering – the WAY” has moved on……..

“Offering-the WAY” is now in St. Agatha’s at Llanymynech courtesy of the two church wardens Chris and Russell. If you are going to see Freja’s Light show on Sunday 11th, nip down to the church for a glimpse!

“Offering – the WAY” – September venue

After August at St. Garmon’s Mynydd Mawr, “Offering – the WAY” will transfer to St. Agatha’s church Llanymynech on Thursday 1st September for one month. Today Diana met with wardens Chris and Russell and together they found an ideal display space next to the pulpit. The piece will stand on a stage box and there is a light switch just behind it, so a small spotlight was agreed for special occasions!

Talking of light – Freja Evans’s Light Show in the Lime Kilns down the road on September 11th is next on the menu for Inside Out.

Also if you like male voice choirs the Canoldir Male Voice Choir concert at St.Agatha’s church at 7.3o on Friday September 2nd is not to be missed.

Canoldir Male Voice Choir is based in Birmingham.  It was founded in 1966.  Many of the singers are Welsh, and the choir has a strong allegiance with Wales, and with the tradition of Welsh male voice choirs.Canoldir is Welsh for ‘Middle Land’.

Canoldir is a Registered Charity (501538) and is a Member of the Welsh Association of Male Choirsand the National Association of Choirs.

If you visit St. Agatha’s they are displaying five lovely tapestry works depicting the local area and made by local artists to commemorate the millenium – now what a long time ago that seems…….

Offering – its new place!

“Offering-the WAY”, placed briefly in front of the altar in St. Garmon’s Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr,  and below in it’s display space at the entrance to the chapel.

This stunning, peaceful little retreat is very restorative, and we felt entirely happy leaving the artwork there for August. Thank you to Fran Stocking and David Bailey the wardens of the chapel. It felt good to leave “Offering”  in its second place of worship.

“Offering – the WAY” is now on its way to St. Garmon’s Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr (not to be confused with Llanarmon DC 5 miles further on) for the rest of August. This wonderful isolated chapel in the Welsh Hills is somewhere where one can “see” the grass whisper, “hear” the clouds travelling across the sky and “feel” the colour of silence – a real place of escape, and inspirational sketching opportunities abound! Get there if you get a chance.

Many thanks again to Rev. Simon Thorburn for giving “Offering – the WAY” such a prominent display space in the beautiful church in Oswestry for July.

The Way – Dunbabin exhibition extension

To all those artists with work displayed in the Dunbabin room of The Willow Gallery – we are extending this exhibition until mid August. New collection date to be advised shortly.

Please contact Diana if you have any issues with this – ie need your work earlier etc.

The progress of that little 3D Railway piece!

Had a lovely time today in A1 – trying the different permutations with these railway pieces……endless and limitless

possibilities – I have 200 photographs! Here are just three.

Today Chloe and I visited all “the WAY” venues and had a lovely time talking to people who were also visiting them. We met the two wardens at St. Oswalds who were fascinated with the piece and they allowed me to take this photograph of them.

Rachael’s stunning archival prints……

Don’t miss a glimpse of these stunning prints – based on photographs of the Cambrian Railway and brought into vivid colours to tempt the eye!

the WAY” is now installed  in all 7 venues  – time yesterday, however to make a little Railway sculpture for a lonely plinth……….

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