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Creativity Group in the ‘Tizer

HCG_HOD_1A nice set of photographs and a writeup in this week’s Advertizer on the Hillfort Creativity Group and our contribution to Heritage Open Days. Good work, everyone!


A big thank you to everyone who helped make our Heritage Open Days events such a success! We had a lot of families come through the Library to take part in our activities, and a lot of happy faces as a result. Indeed, the event was so successful that we’re thinking of doing something like this more regularly – watch this space! Thanks to Diana for the above photographs – we should also be in the Advertizer this week, too.

And for those of you visiting the Library this week and next, the results of Dzintra’s weaving activity, along with even more examples of historical weaving, are up on display at the moment. Do go and have a look – and yes: she was wearing that iron age dress on Saturday. (And Dorothy was wearing her iron age trousers, too, but I’m not sure whether anyone caught that on camera!)

The hillfort mindfulness walk on Sunday was also a great success, despite the wet and windy weather. We’re putting that walk together as a small booklet, which will be part of our upcoming exhibition at Oswestry Library next month. In addition to the walk itself, the booklet will also include new illustrations, including linocuts of the hillfort done by Designs in Mind artists.


“Old Oswestry Hillfort” linocut by Kevin Gibson, 2019


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