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Update on Old Oswestry Hillfort!



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Drawing in the Dark!

Treat yourself to a printmaking course with collage!

Carbon Meets Silicon


School of Creative Arts Research Centre Talk
Wed 25 Oct 12.00 noon, Oriel Sycharth Gallery

Carbon Meets Silicon is biennial exhibition that uses carbon and silicon as metaphors for the changing face of art practice in the digital age. The theme of this year’s exhibition is Arts/Science/Technology Collaborations and includes the work of 16 diverse artists, scientists and technologists from North America, Italy, Denmark and the UK working across a range of media.  To understand the complexity of the world we need to utilise the cognitive evolutionary tools developed through both scientific and artistic thinking. Science allows us to understand causality, predictions and rationality; art gives us expression, surprise and has the capacity to change minds.

Come along and hear the curators Susan Liggett and Mike Corcoran talk about the selection process, the work on display, the ideas behind the work and to hear about what research means to artists and scientists.

All Welcome.

of the landscape………….

Please see link below to a video of the show courtesy of David Kilvington and Amelia Kilvington.

Huge thanks to all for a lovely display – great to share my work with two other fabulous artists I have yet to meet in person! Thats social media for you!

Diana Baur

Of the landscape - largefileforprint small


Way to the Red Field (small)

“Way to the Red Field” – Diana Baur 2017

Apple Day this Saturday!

The Oswestry Heritage Gateway will be supporting Oswestry Apple Day next Saturday 14th October (10am to 3pm) – poster attached.

We will be having a stand on the Bailey Head marketplace, with an apple printing activity for children and a display dedicated to apple use during/since the Iron Age. Plus we will have information on the Oswestry Heritage Gateway and volunteering opportunities, and will be capturing memories about the hillfort under the banner of the Oswestry Heritage Roadshow.

If you would like to help out, even for an hour or two, please get in touch. We are looking for help with setting up the stand (8.30am – 10am) and manning it (10am to 3pm).

If anybody has the skill and time to bake some apple-related goodies – cakes, tarts etc – for us to sell on a donation basis, that would be very welcome.

See event details here:

Anyone wanting to get involved with some apple printing come along in the morning when Diana and Rob will be there setting this up.

Apple Day 2017 poster_lr

Dear Inside Out Artists

Long time no post! I’m now nine weeks since my hip op and thinking about a get together. Would a Friday in the Willow Gallery suit people? I’m suggesting Friday 29 September usual time 2.0 ish. If this is a really difficult day for some of you, let me know.

Diana is getting ready to take part in this exhibition coming up shortly in Camarthen.

“Diana sketches regularly in her local countryside of North Wales, and so inspiration also comes from the hills and bye ways where she lives. A welcome and surprising developmental fusion of her abstract paintings with the beautiful hilly landscapes around her has driven her to develop the body of work on display.”


Recently I have also been creating some very small abstract landscape paintings e.g. below.

Marthe Donas




Tips for artists……..


Here’s just one example from a thought-provoking listcontent_ashley-batz-1298:

Only compare yourself to yourself.

Give up on making excuses

If you want to be a successful artist, you have to show up. You have to do the work.

If you are like any other artist in the world, you probably have said to yourself at one time something along the lines of, “I can’t go to the studio today because I’m too busy/ too heartbroken/ my family needs me too much/ [insert any excuse here.]”

And you know what, it feels good to do that. It feels justified and reasonable and like you are doing the right thing for yourself.

But artist Suzie Baker says that this is “about our FEAR masquerading as Resistance; that thing, or idea, or busywork, or Netflix, or self-doubt, or procrastination, or rejection, that stops of from showing up and making our art”

When you stop making excuses, you can start owning the direction that you are going in—and, if need be, have the willpower to change that direction.

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