We met at Ruthin Craft Centre and started our day with coffee, quickly followed by a delicious lunch outside in the sunshine. IMG_6829 Inside the gallery the exhibitions beckoned……. IMG_6830 IMG_6832 The Fritze Mairhofer was exceptionally skilled and interesting but we all held some reservations about it. The works seemed to combined craft, fine art, jewellery, architecture and engineering, not quite fitting into any of those categories alone. It was very “male” and seemed to lack spirit. We were not really sure it “worked”. Our discomfort was further magnified when, and by way of contrast,  Des showed us a photograph he had taken on a recent French holiday of a 5,000 year old caste bronze pot, intricately worked and breath-taking in its workmanship – workmanship that would be difficult to achieve even with todays technology. IMG_6839 Of greater interest were the works in the smaller gallery by Dail Behennah – fascinating fine small scale works that took inspiration from objects and patterns found in nature. They were a complete delight. IMG_6845   Groups of us then headed off around Ruthin and met each other again, following parts of the Ruthin art Trail. http://www.ruthinarttrail.co.uk/features/st-peters-gates/ We had great fun peeping through the peep holes……   IMG_6860 IMG_6861 and ended up at St Peter’s Church – the beautiful gates were designed by and made in 1727 by Robert and John Davies of Bersham near Wrexham. The solar powered lighting is designed by local artist Jessica Lloyd Jones. (yes, the Jessica who works with glass, neon gas and electricity) img_st-peters-gate-night   IMG_6874Before heading off home, tea time saw us convene back at the Craft Centre cafe……….for a little more gastronomic indulgence…..an essential part of any art-centred discussion……….and a perfect end to a lovely outing. IMG_6880   IMG_6881   IMG_6879 (Watch this space for information on our next get-together/sketching day.