Wednesday 29th July 2.0 pm at The Willow Gallery to share experiences – could be preceded by a sketching hour around the town if anyone is interested.


Wednesday 26th August 2.0 pm at Glyndwr University foyer to see the M.A. show in the Sycharth Gallery.Image,54688,en

Tyger Bright

Part One 6 July – 28 August 2015

Part Two 18 September – 6 October 2015


This exhibition title derives from William Blake’s poem of 1794. The Tyger is most famously described as “burning bright in the forests of the night”. The question of the tygers’ maker is explored by Blake with a sense of wonder and awe that such a creature should exist.

For us the metaphor is useful – a big cat, bright orange and striped in dark lines, powerful but silent – seeing, hearing and noticing all, but incredibly not seen, heard or noticed itself, by those it watches:  A most unlikely proposition.  A big, powerful, orange predator ought to be fairly easy to spot, and in a zoological garden, safari park or other open place, it is; but in its natural habitat, miraculously it melts away, someplace between two others, somewhere in both shadow and light – Rather hard to find. So too, the “creatives” amongst us.

As the late Robert Hughes observed, it is astonishing just how much of the avant garde in art has been down to the most conservative individuals.  Very ordinary people have proved themselves capable of extraordinary things, and conversely, some rather extra ordinary personalities have moved us very little, if at all.  So it seems to me, the metaphor is apposite: Ordinary people, day to day, are camouflaged according to their surroundings, but encourage them out into an open space and invite their extraordinary self to be in view, and they too may burn brightly, just like Blake’s Tyger.

In this exhibition we are not concerned with showpiece designs or artworks.  This exhibition allows a glimpse into the processes of generating artwork and designs.  Here are the current concerns our postgraduate art and design students.  Our second exhibition in the first week of September will provide the outcome.

This exhibition will feature work from the taught master’s degree students at Glyndŵr University’s School of Art and Design across a range of subjects including, applied arts, fine art, animation, illustration, lens based media and graphic design.