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Tick That Box

"Life in Boxes" - Geoff Armitage at Oswestry Heritage Gallery.

“Life in Boxes” – Geoff Armitage at Oswestry Heritage Gallery.

Still a chance to catch the last few days of Life in Boxes, photographs by Geoff Armitage on show at the Heritage Gallery in Oswestry.

As usual, Geoff brings his clever, careful eye to his theme. Houses, apartments, suitcases, postboxes, telephones – life in boxes comes in a delightful and surprising range of shapes and forms. I’ve always like Geoff’s eye for the geometry and composition of colour and detail – something I suspect which comes from his engineering background. A great little exhibition: catch it if you can between now and Saturday.

“Life in Boxes”, photographs by Geoff Armitage – Oswestry Heritage Gallery, until Sat. April 27th


MIP Exhibition at Much Wenlock

Allan Davis for the MIP exhibition at The Edge, Much Wenlock.

Went to the Marches Independent Photography exhibition last night at The Edge Arts Centre in Much Wenlock with Geoff Armitage (MIP, Inside Out) and Jane Birdsell (MIP, BVA). It’s a bit of a trek for those of us around Oswestry, but if you can make the journey, the exhibition is well worth the effort. It’s an open exhibition for MIP members, with each member entering their own selection of their work. The result is a really diverse show, with an impressive range of styles and subject matter. All the MIP members are technically very proficient, which makes their choice of subject and point of view all the more interesting. The open format of the exhibition is real showcase for the group.

If you’re looking for a photography group that’s more than just a ‘camera club’, check out the MIP website. And if you’re heading Much Wenlock way, check out the exhibition at The Edge. The Arts Centre gallery is open Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm, on Farley Road, Much Wenlock.

Observer New Review Photographs

This might be of interest to all the photographers in the group.

It’s the Observer New Review’s slideshow survey of twenty of the best photography exhibitions happening this month across Europe. UK exhibitions/galleries covered include the V&A’s New Photography Gallery and the exhibition “Frontline” at The King’s Place Gallery, London.

For details of the photos, plus links to information about the photographers, prizes, galleries and exhibitions, make sure to click the small “captions” option at the bottom lower right of the slideshow window. I spent a very enjoyable hour following links – and do take the Observer’s advice and watch the slideshow in “fullscreen” mode to see the photographs at their best.

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