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Sven Evans: Cyanotypes


Haunting – evocative – otherworldly – extraordinary. 

If you see one photography exhibition this winter – see this one: Sven Evans’ exhibition of cyanotypes up in The Heritage Gallery in Oswestry this month. Cyanotypes were developed by the astronomer Sir John Herschel in 1842, and are a way of producing blue – cyan – coloured photographs, using the sun to create the exposure. The photographs are really extraordinary – both soft and crisp at the same time, unearthly and haunting.

This is a remarkable exhibition: the images themselves are exquisite – landscapes, flowers, ships, views of Brittany – rendered ghostly and not-quite-real by the cyanotype process. But the photographs are remarkable also for their technical accomplishment: Sven has revived an 180-year-old process, giving us an extraordinary insight into the artisanal skills and specialist knowledge of real photography.

These are photographs worth seeing – photographs as artefacts, not just pretty pictures on social media. Do yourself a favour when you’re in town for your Christmas shopping: stop by the Heritage Gallery and see the exhibition for yourself.

Sven Evans/Blue Moon Photography: Cyanotypes. Heritage Gallery, Oswestry – through December

Tick That Box

"Life in Boxes" - Geoff Armitage at Oswestry Heritage Gallery.

“Life in Boxes” – Geoff Armitage at Oswestry Heritage Gallery.

Still a chance to catch the last few days of Life in Boxes, photographs by Geoff Armitage on show at the Heritage Gallery in Oswestry.

As usual, Geoff brings his clever, careful eye to his theme. Houses, apartments, suitcases, postboxes, telephones – life in boxes comes in a delightful and surprising range of shapes and forms. I’ve always like Geoff’s eye for the geometry and composition of colour and detail – something I suspect which comes from his engineering background. A great little exhibition: catch it if you can between now and Saturday.

“Life in Boxes”, photographs by Geoff Armitage – Oswestry Heritage Gallery, until Sat. April 27th

Mathematical Dreams

John Wragg, Oswestry Heritage Gallery – http://www.johnwragg.net

I’ve always enjoyed Oswestry artist John Wragg‘s work, and it was great to see his recent exhibition in the Oswestry Heritage Gallery.

Vibrant yet controlled, precise yet explosive – John’s geometric paintings are studies in colour as much as they are studies in composition. His twin interests are geometry and light; the end result is a sort of mathematical dream – twistingly precise tesseracts, spirals and hypercubes glimmering with colour.

But his work is more complicated than just strange shapes and bright colours. John also plays around with that 2D/3D boundary that his interest in geometry explores, manifesting itself in a number of 3D mixed media and hanging/kinetic pieces. He’s also clearly interested in the way in which visual interactions with narrative creates a language of representation that thrives on incoherence – meaning born of a fractured and splintered whole.

John Wragg’s studio is underneath mine in the Cambrian Studios Buildings. He exhibited with the Inside Out group at our current work show a few years ago. He exhibits widely, and regularly as part of The Chicken Gallery group on the ground floor of the Cambrian Studios. It’s worth knocking on his door or visiting The Chicken if you’re interested in seeing more of his work.

The Chicken Gallery
of contemporary art and craft

Cambrian Studios Building,
Coney Green, Oswestry
Open: Wed-Sat, 11-3pm

Colour and Geometry

John Wragg at the Oswestry Heritage Gallery: July 31 – August 25

Just noticed this poster on the Cambrian Studios Building noticeboard.

Fellow Cambrian Studios artist John Wragg is exhibiting at the Oswestry Heritage Gallery later this month. John’s paintings are fantastic images of geometry and colour – objects of multiple dimensions and radiant light. His work sometimes looks like diagrams from a mathematics textbook on acid. They’re really quite extraordinary – very precise, very detailed, but with a bright exuberance to them that really pulls you in. Over the years he’s produced not only painted works, but also relief, 3D and kinetic works as well, all drawing on the same inspirations. For more information about his work, have a look at his website – or head over to the Heritage Gallery:

John Wragg – Oswestry Heritage Gallery (click here for map)

Paintings / Drawings / Prints / Constructions

Tuesday 31 July – Saturday 25 August

Monday – Saturdays, 10:00 – 4:30

John’s also a member of BVA and exhibits at the Screamin’ Chicken Gallery in the Cambrian Studios Building.

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