Be there or square! 12.15 St Martins Sat 24th November for the unveiling!

George says: In 6 days, Saturday the 24th November at 12.15pm this sculpture I made, to commemorate 50 years since the pit at Ifton Colliery closed, will be unveiled in St Martin’s (opposite Stan’s Superstore)!!!
This is a picture of the clay which is missing the Davy lamp and a couple of other small features, that will be present! The finished piece is bronze and also sits atop a large steel plinth.
It has truly been a great honour to have created this sculpture and worked with some truly amazing, very hard working people to make this happen!! From the miner’s of Ifton to Castle Fine Arts Foundry and everyone who has donated and been part of this, thank you!!
Hope to see you there!
 — at Castle Fine Arts Foundry Ltd.