Caer Ogyrfan


Caer Ogyrfan - letteringThis is the beautiful glass work piece donated by Tony Roberts, glass sculptor  to raise funds for the hillfort campaign.

It is on display until 19th April at The Willow Gallery Oswestry in their Text exhibition.

We got off to a good start with raffle tickets last Friday evening at the opening event, and these will be on sale at The Willow Gallery from Tuesday.

Please drop by and see the piece and buy a ticket (or more!) to help the cause. Tickets are on sale to visitors for the duration of the

exhibition event ie until 19th April. The winning ticket will be drawn sometime between the end of the event and the end of April,

and announced in The Willow Gallery, on this blog and on Facebook.

The mounted glass is incised with the words Hillfort in Ogham text which is inscribed vertically

and read from the bottom to the top.

The text has been cropped and highlighted in a separate shot above.


Apparently Ogham lettering was often incised on the sharp straight edges of stones.

Ogyr is reputed to be the name of Guinevere’s father. Queen Guinevere is supposed to have been born on the Hillfort, hence the

name Caer Ogyrfan meaning The fortress place of Ogyr – her father.