The current exhibition at Oriel Wrexham is

Print International.

It happens in several venues – the gallery, the library foyer, upstairs and also in Yale College.





I particularly liked Dionne Swift’s collographic print on stitched organdie. Her website is worth a visit. A textile artist using textiles creatively and imaginatively and I find myself thinking of new and similar ways to use paper paint and all the trappings of painting.

Here is an extract on her processes:-

I use devoré processes on velvet to explore the changing structural qualities in the landscape.
I dye and hand paint the cloth, I over paint and employ dye reduction techniques to develop visual layers and the notion of depth
I aim to allow the processes selected to add to the development of the work. The techniques used are as important as the imagery depicted.
The devoré process was developed on C17th France as a means of creating a poor man’s lace. Devoré – to devour – to eat away/to burn out. The fabric I use is a combination of silk and viscose, the devoré process removes the viscose pile.