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Young Artists Stage First Major Exhibition

Good headline!

There’s nothing like a good write-up in the local press! Hannah Phillips and Becky Roberts, who are exhibiting as featured artists down in Studio A1 at the moment, had an excellent article written about them in the Shropshire Star under the above headline.

Click the picture [left] to read the full article.

Their exhibition looks excellent – some really nice texture pieces and that great bluebell featured in the Shropshire Star photo. We’ve had a lot of people in so far, and quite a number of members of the public, too.

Congrats to Becky and Hannah – come down and see their work for yourself this coming Saturday.

Youngest Member of Studio A1!

The Youngest Member of Studio A1.

Young British Artists – they’re getting younger every year!

Congrats to Emily, Studio A1’s youngest artist. She dances upstairs with Sue, and was very interested in what all us Old British Artists were doing downstairs, so she came along with her Mum and asked if she could put a piece of art into our exhibition. How could we refuse?

Studio A1 – the home of up-and-coming artistic talent in Oswestry!

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