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Woodline Timeline


“Woodline” – Wilf Thust, 2012/2013. Click to open video in a new window.

How does our work change and our understanding of it adapt as its context changes? Great video on YouTube sent to us from Wilf Thust showing his work “Woodline”.

We often talk about our work “responding to” place or season – here, Wilf’s work has no choice but to “respond to” the snow which blanketed roads, houses, fields and – yes, even art – before Easter. Under the snow, “Woodline” becomes not just a work embedded in the landscape, but embedded in time – caught in the layers of snow built up over the course of the storm.

“Woodline” will be installed at Underhill Farm over the course of our May Bank Holiday Underhill Farm Art & Wild Craft Fair.

Woodline at Underhill Farm

Wilf Thust has been working on ideas for exhibiting and teaching at Underhill Farm as part of the Underhill Farm Art and Wild Craft Fair in May. He’s just sent us the following:

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I offer to work with branches,
you might say with tree structures or with sticks
or simply with lines.
This involves drawing and planning but more so the working and thinking in
three dimensions.
The outcome is very open and unforeseeable.
I will exhibit parts of my WOODLINE as shown in the photos of the border of
our garden. This only acts as an inspiration.

Wilf is going to try and make our Sketching Day out in Llanymynech on March 17th

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