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Francois in Shropshire Life Magazine!

Oswestry Advent Calendar

Art Advent Calendar, The Willow Gallery, Oswestry

Art Advent Calendar, The Willow Gallery, Oswestry

At least three Inside Out artists – possibly more – are taking part in the Oswestry Christmas Art Advent Calendar at The Willow Gallery, Oswestry. I say “possibly more”, because Peter doesn’t have a complete list of all the artists taking part up yet! But I know that Diana Baur, Frank Triggs and myself, John Swogger, are all taking part. Each of us has decorated a 15cm square box which have all been set behind a six-foot tall advent calendar painted by Inside Out artist John Woodyatt. Every day between the start of the month and Christmas, one of the doors is open and a new decorated panel or box is revealed. It’s a fantasic idea for showcasing the best of Oswestry’s artists and artisans.

So make sure you head down to the Willow Gallery in Oswestry regularly through December to catch each artists’ work being revealed. So as not to spoil the surprise, I’ll refrain from putting photos of mine, Diana’s and Frank’s boxes up until they’ve been properly opened.

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