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Bushcraft at Underhill Farm

Nearly Wild Family Bushcraft

Hosted at Underhill Farm, Underhill Lane, Pant. SY10 9RB

Tel. 07773 046111


Just a quick reminder that we have three days of family bushcraft activities at Underhill Farm over the next three days (August 7,8,9). Geared towards having some family fun and learning some basic bushcraft from local expert and trainer, Don Hale with input from Steve Evison based on his experience living in remote locations around the world!


The days will run 10am until 4pm. Please bring your own lunch and refreshments. Hot water available on site.


Why not come along for one, two or all three days.

Price per day (camping extra – see http://www.underhillfarm.org for details)

£20/ adult (second adult half price)

£10 per child (under 16) – second child half price

£40 per family (2 adults and 2 children)


We even have desks and wi-fi in case adults need to do some work whilst on site!


Inside Out – coming soon!

IMG_0211We’ve already got a full schedule of events and exhibitions for the rest of the year. We discussed some of them at the meeting yesterday – here’s a summary of what’s coming soon:

  • Mind, Body & Spirit – The exhibition is now up in Rowanthorn, and should be up in EnergyCreative next week. We’ve had one short note in the Oswestry Advertiser about the exhibition this week, and we’re getting a longer article and a photograph in next week’s ‘Tizer. As the exhibition lasts for three months, we’ll be switching some of the work around half-way through (mid-July). There are fifteen artists taking part at the moment, but if anyone else wants to take part, please get in touch, as the mid-July switch-over will give you a chance.
  • Rowanthorn – Mike at Rowanthorn is looking for other exhibitions to take over after the Mind, Body & Spirit exhibition finishes in September. He’s particularly looking for interesting and intriguing work  – stuff that’s a bit different. He had work in the shop by Jim Fox earlier this year – really unusual constructions made out of skulls, bone and dolls, and is looking for similarly off-beat works. Anyone interested, get in touch with Mike directly.
  • Creepy House, Oswestry Library – The library’s Summer Reading Challenge theme is “Creepy House”. There’s an activity day scheduled for July 13th, when an illustration/construction creepy house will be drawn/built in the library. The library will be providing all the necessary materials. Anyone interested in taking part should let us know and then come along to the library on July 13th. I’ll post more details later in the month.
  • Ceiriog, at The Hand at Llanarmon, Llanarmon D.C. – We’re installing the last part of our year-long exhibition on the Ceiriog Valley and River at The Hand. This third part is themed: Ceiriog: Past, present and future. The exhibition will last through the summer. Anyone still wanting to take part should get in touch in the next couple of weeks.
  • Art & Poetry, Oswestry Library – Next National Libraries Day is in February 2014, and we’re thinking of doing something connecting local art and local poetry. Collaborations, partnerships, connections – there are a whole bunch of ideas about how we might bring art and poetry together. We’ll definitely be doing another art day in the library in February, and we’ll set up some kind of exhibition beforehand. Nothing’s set in stone yet – we’re going to be thinking about this idea through the summer, so if you have any suggestions, do get in touch.
  • Underhill Farm – Lots going on at the farm, including pretty elaborate plans to build kilns to fire the local clay. Plus Paul Stocking’s bamboo arch has been sited next to the newly-planted willow wood, and Wilf’s “Woodline” continues to evolve as the seasons change. Plenty of reasons for return visits through the summer – and we’re planning to hold July’s Inside Out meeting at the farm again, just so everyone gets another chance to spend some time at the farm. We’re also planning some more art and activity days through the summer, and we’ll continue to talk about ideas for next year’s Art & Craft event, including the suggestion that we should build some kind of “symposium” into the event.


  • Our July meeting will be at Underhill Farm, and we’re hoping that Brenda Sandilands will spend some time talking about her recent work. The remainder of the time we’ll spend doing some art!
  • Our August meeting will be at Wilf Thust’s Studio, and he’ll be showing some ideas for fixing and exhibiting, rather as he did at his workshop at The Willow last year.

As usual, meetings are at 2pm on the first Wednesday of the month.

Sketching Days:

We’ve no sketching days planned, but I was wondering if we might want to do a market-town day in Oswestry, perhaps? If so, we could tie it into the Mind, Body & Spirit exhibition and sit for a while outside Rowanthorn – it’s lovely there in the sunshine. Anyway, just an idea; we’ll keep you posted.


Things That Go Bump in Oswestry Library! illustration by Jean-Marc Labal.

Things That Go Bump in Oswestry Library! illustration by Jean-Marc Labal.

Anyone want to help make a big illustration of a creepy house?

Creepy House is Oswestry Library’s summer reading challenge theme this year. On Saturday July 13th, between 1 – 4pm, Heather and Debbie at the library will be helping kids make a big “Creepy House” illustration for the library wall. It will be designed so that kids taking part in the reading challenge can put their photos into the illustration poster once it’s finished.

Debbie was wondering if some of the group might be able to be on hand to help out and give the illustration some genuine artistic creepiness!

As usual, anyone interested please get in touch – I’ll also mention this again at our meeting next Wednesday at Underhill Farm.

Half-Term at Underhill!

Half-term activities from Underhill Farm.

Half-term activities from Underhill Farm.

At a loss for half term? Looking for eco-activities or just something practical and fun?

Come and join the activities for mixed age groups at Underhill farm.

Even better, if it’s wet we can do all the activities indoors in our barns, even the greenwood building!

  • Tuesday 28th MayLearn how to make a shaving horse for greenwood work.
  • Wednesday 29th MayBeginning with wool. Learn lots of fun things you can do with our wool from simple looms to dying and spinning.
  • 30 & 31st May. Learn some basic greenwood building a simple greenwood construction (suitable to den builders and aspiring summer house builders alike!).
  • 2nd June. Collect, Cook, Eat. Foraging course.

Starting at 10am and finishing at 5pm each day. Bring pack lunch and outdoor clothes (and waterproofs if you have them).

Cost per day

  • ·         £20 per adult, second half price (2 adults £30)
  • ·         £10 per child (under 16), second half price (2 children £15)
  • ·         £40 per family (2 adults two children under 16)

Or you may wish to just come and relax with the family and join in simple activities while camping or staying in our yurt, tepee or converted Bull Barn (with a wood burner).

PLEASE CONTACT enquiries@underhillfarm.org TO BOOK OR FOR MORE DETAILS.

Or see our website at www.underhillfarm.org

Our blog is at http://underhillfarm.wordpress.com

We even have desks and WiFi for parents who need to work some of the time but wish to attend!


Exhibition Space at Underhill Farm

Living Art, Underhill Farm - via Amanda Jaynes

Living Art, Underhill Farm – via Amanda Jaynes

A group of us who are taking part in the Underhill Farm exhibition and fair on this coming May Bank Holiday weekend met up at the farm on Saturday to organise the exhibition spaces. We now have two large gallery spaces confirmed, and two small studio spaces also potentially available. Plus there’s the large courtyard space and the two quarry fields for activities and workshops.

We’ve also got a list of artists we know are going to be taking part:

  • Diana Baur
  • Rob Baur
  • Gill Crozier
  • Steve Evison
  • Aaron Evison
  • Jude Greaves
  • Dorothy Harrison
  • Jim Heath
  • Liz Mellor
  • Tony Roberts
  • Brenda Sandilands
  • John Swogger
  • Wilf Thust

But we still have some room, particularly in the Cattle Barn Gallery space, for anyone else if they want to exhibit. We’ve got one or two more people checking their calendars, but if you want to as well, please let us know as soon as possible! Also, if you’re a crafter of any kind, there’s still room for several more stalls for selling, demonstrating and exhibiting crafts.

The fair will run 10-4, Saturday May 4th, Sunday May 5th and Monday May 6th. In addition to the exhibition, there will also be:

  • art demonstrations, workshops and have-a-go sessions. Artists we know are doing workshops or demos include:
    • Diana, Rob, Brenda (clay & paper)
    • Dorothy (clay drawing)
    • Steve & John (landscape journaling)
    • Liz (layered paper)
  • greenwood demonstrations
  • ceramics using local clay
  • wool and other craft demonstrations
  • junior exhibition area
  • cafe (tea, coffee, soup & roll)
  • music (live, throughout the day)

It’s going to be a great weekend – lots of hands-on stuff, so somewhere to take kids and grandkids, too! Plus, if you’re taking part for the whole weekend, ask about camping!

Woodline Timeline


“Woodline” – Wilf Thust, 2012/2013. Click to open video in a new window.

How does our work change and our understanding of it adapt as its context changes? Great video on YouTube sent to us from Wilf Thust showing his work “Woodline”.

We often talk about our work “responding to” place or season – here, Wilf’s work has no choice but to “respond to” the snow which blanketed roads, houses, fields and – yes, even art – before Easter. Under the snow, “Woodline” becomes not just a work embedded in the landscape, but embedded in time – caught in the layers of snow built up over the course of the storm.

“Woodline” will be installed at Underhill Farm over the course of our May Bank Holiday Underhill Farm Art & Wild Craft Fair.

Saturday at Underhill

This Saturday: planning session at Underhill Farm for the May Bank Holiday Art and Wild Craft Fair!

This Saturday: planning session at Underhill Farm for the May Bank Holiday Art and Wild Craft Fair!

Don’t forget: everyone interested in exhibiting, demonstrating or doing workshops at the May Bank Holiday Underhill Art & Wild Craft Fair needs to come along to the farm this Saturday, April 20th at 11am.

This will be our only chance to allocate space for everyone, as us artists will be sharing the farm buildings and grounds with the wild crafters and people leading other activities. This could well be the first of a number of Underhill Farm art events through the years, and this is your chance to get involved early.

Here is a map and directions to the farm. See you there at 11am!

ps. For anyone interested, some of us might be staying on after lunch to go sketching up at Llanymynech Rocks.

More Art & The Word at Oswestry Library

Making Oswestry Library a real local arts hub!

Making Oswestry Library a real local arts hub!

Our Art & the Word exhibition at Oswestry Library has moved – and expanded! We’re now occupying the area immediately above the computers between the DVD racks and the kids’ reading area – directly opposite the main desk.

The exhibition has both 2- and 3-D works by Aimee Henderson, Rob Baur, Diana Baur, Freja Evans and John Swogger. The exhibition of book- and word-related art will last all year, and works will be rotated in and out as people bring them to me. I’m hoping that later in the summer we’ll have an exhibition on some of the work from Underhill Farm and Holy Trinity School. I’m also hoping that we can do something book/word/Christmas related for December.

Debbie at the Library said that people have been extremely enthusiastic about the exhibition, and positive comments still come in about our event for National Libraries Day. The library are now actively encouraging anyone with any interest in doing art workshops, demonstrations, working days or activities in the library to come and talk to them. There is working space available for rent in the library building for one-day workshops, and they can always find space for demonstrations or working days.

I’m also now setting up a Word Art Roundtable for anyone who’s interested in taking part in a regular get-together at Oswestry Library to work on book-/word-/library- related art. Please email and/or comment on this post if this sounds like your thing. I’d like to start in May.

Underhill Farm Idea List

underhill_fair_1Over lunch at our sketching day at Underhill Farm on Sunday, we brainstormed a little bit about ideas for activities and so on for the upcoming Art and Wild Craft Fair in May.

Here’s a quick note of everything that’s going on so far, plus a list of ideas for people to think about if they want to be involved:

  • Inside exhibition – the cattle barn and the calving shed (the classroom) will be available as inside exhibition space. There’s tons of wall available – the calving shed is a “clean” inside space with painted walls, the cattle barn is a little more “rough”. Gill Crozier will be hanging her paintings of the quarry in the calving shed classroom, but there’s more than enough room there for others as well. John might very well hang some drawings in the cattle barn.
  • Outside exhibition – the courtyard between the cattle barn and the calving shed is available as outside exhibition space. There’s more than enough room for several people to put up sculptures, etc., or to do some not-too-messy working, perhaps. You’ll be sharing this space with tables and chairs around the cafe, however. This might be a good place for demonstrations and workshops if the weather’s sunny.
  • Other outside exhibition space – We’re going to try and get together on April 20th (a Saturday) at the farm to decide final allocation of space for people. Don’t worry – we’ll send around a formal note by blog/email to remind everyone. But just to point out that there is tons of other space available at the farm for outside activities/exhibition/demos/etc.: the pond, the field(s), possibly around the garden. Steve will be posting a list of all available spaces soon.
  • Exhibition info sheet – I’ll be posting and emailing a quick one-page information sheet for anyone interested in exhibiting sometime next week. Drop us a comment on this post if you’d like to be included in that email circular.
  • Yurt! – Steve and Irene have just purchased (another?) Yurt, and this will go up for the weekend. We thought this would be a great place to hold kids’ activities and workshops. Just to note: all kids activities should also include the parents, so we don’t have to make special CRB provision, etc. Dorothy’s planning to run some kids’ activities here.
  • Tipi – There’s also the tipi. Not sure what might go on in here yet, but it’s another “all-weather” space just in case things get a bit damp over the weekend.
  • Field – The field by the ponds will be the driest outdoor location, and probably the best place for anyone doing anything large-scale and/or particularly messy. I think Dorothy might be doing something with the clay from the pond here, and I suspect that Wilf will be doing something at the edge of the field by the hedge?
  • Wild crafts – Steve’s confirmed that there will be a group of wild crafters also attending the weekend – green wood workers, people working with clay and wool (not necessarily together!), plus others still to come on board.

A bit of a random list, but hopefully this gets the ball rolling for ideas. Updates, suggestions and additions – just post them or add them below as comments!

IMG_0273Another excellent sketching day in Llanymynech. We spent the morning down around the Llanymynech Limeworks, exploring the Hoffman Kiln, the railway lines and the canal wharfs – in the sunshine, no less! Lunch at Underhill Farm, with tea, coffee and the warmth of the calving shed classroom provided as the sunshine dissolved into hail and sleet. With the return of the blue skies, we headed up the hill for the afternoon, enjoying the last of the day’s sunshine up in the quarry itself.

Good to get out into the landscape once more, and I think everyone found more than enough to hold their attention through the afternoon. I worked on about two dozen sketches, trying to work as quickly as possible. Rob and Chloe also sketched quickly, both working with pencil, shaping out the massed quarry cliffs in pools of graphite. Malcolm concentrated on landscape, getting a view down onto the Hoffman Kiln from the hill above. Diana was doing some great mixed-media sketches, working over potato-prints made earlier in the morning in her sketchbook; Gill even brought in moss and mud into her drawings of the quarry cliffs.

We also had a big idea session over lunch about the Art & Craft fair in May. As promised, I will write up all the ideas we had and post it a bit later on this week – give everyone a chance to see what other people are thinking of doing and maybe spark off more ideas.

Suggestions for next month’s sketching day include Bersham Woods near Wrexham, The Ceiriog Valley, or back to Chester or even Llanymynech again! Any other suggestions?

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