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Sketching at Radio Saturday Evening

Sketching this Saturday at Radio Cafe!

Don’t forget, there’s sketching at Radio Cafe in Oswestry this coming Saturday between 6 and 9pm. Bring your art stuff (and a funny hat if you can stand the embarassment) – the cafe’s just at the top of Bailey Street, by the market. There’s tapas, cocktails, wine, beer, teas and coffee on sale. Great atmosphere and a great way to spend a dull winter weekend evening.

Cosy Sketching Evening at Radio

Turn on, tune in, drop by - sketching at Radio Cafe on Saturday.

Nice mellow evening at Radio yesterday – four of us colonised a table near the kitchen in Radio and spent a couple of hours with the evening crowds. I think we did more chatting than drawing, but it was fun nonetheless!

Really good to see Alex Johnson again – musician (Jukebox Mama, The Mountee, etc.) turned graphic artist. He’s now doing a graphic arts degree at Glyndwr, so was telling us all about his course. Talked a lot about courses and workshops in Oswestry, and once again about the real need for skill-sharing opportunities between practising artists and students. Chloe came as well – I think she drew more than the rest of us put together. Too much talking – still, that’s the fun of these Saturday sketching evenings: they’re just as much about the networking and the chatting as the drawing!

I was thinking of ways we might bring a bit of focus to the drawing side of things: perhaps get everyone to sit for five-minute life poses with a ridiculous hat or something (I have a flying helmet and goggles I’m willing to wear to the next one!).

Saffron, who runs Radio, is keen to get some of our sketching evening drawings up on the cafe wall. I thought maybe a pinboard to start with that we could stick photos and photocopies of sketches up onto. Now that he’s fairly happy the Saturday evenings are going to work (and it’s still the depths of winter, remember, so the fact that he’s full on a cold evening in February is really good news), he’s going to start publicising the evenings a bit more. He’s already having to take reservations from people who want to book tables for large groups, so it’s worth us making sure we stake our claim to a table on a regular basis!

So don’t be shy – we’ll be there every other Saturday: come along for the tapas (parmesan scones with black olive tapanade highly recommended), the cocktails (Dark and Stormy with plenty of lime), the coffee (try the Radio signature half-caf skinny latte, or the dark Americano), the chat, and the drawing – if we get around to it!

Sketching this Saturday

This coming Saturday, Feb. 11th will be a busy day for everyone who wants to get out there and do some sketching!

  • Whittington Castle, Whittington

Anyone who wants to is welcome to meet up at Whittington Castle from 10:30am to do some sketching. Bring your drawing/painting equipment and some warm clothing in case it turns cold. There are two pubs near the castle – The White Lion and The Old Boot, and the Penrhos Arms is around the corner – plus a newsagents (and a chippy, I think?) so there are plenty of places for hot drinks and lunch, or bring sandwiches and a flask of tea if you prefer.

  • Radio Cafe, Oswestry

And if you aren’t all sketched out by the evening, Radio Cafe on Bailey St. in Oswestry is open in the evening. Anyone who’s interested can meet us there after 6pm for a chance for some indoor sketching and drawing. The cafe serves excellent tapas, plus there’s wine, cocktails and coffees on the drinks menu. A small group of us met up there two weeks ago and had a really nice evening – do join us if you’re looking for something to do in Oswestry on Saturday evening.

Saturday at Radio

Sketching Evening, Saturday at Radio Cafe in Oswestry - art, coffee and tiny wooden people!

Radio Cafe was packed on Saturday evening – big crowd for such a small place. Me, Freja and Rachael were the only Inside Out artists who could make it. Several phoned to say they would have liked to, but couldn’t at such short notice. I’m sorry I couldn’t give more of a heads’ up to people – I only heard on Friday that the cafe was going to be open.

Still, the three of us sat around and drew, painted and photographed to our hearts’ content – and tucked into some delicious tapas (beetroot hummus, cone of fried squid, fried squash risotto balls), rum cocktails (Dark and Stormy’s with an extra twist of lime) and coffee – for the best part of three hours.

Good company, good food, good art – good time had by all!

I’d love to make this a semi-regular thing. Radio’s going to be open every Saturday night (except this coming Saturday, Feb. 4th), and ramping up their PR machine (posters, Facebook page, etc.) to draw in not only more people, but more things happening – music, poetry, etc., etc., And that’s a point, actually: if you’re in charge of a poetry group, a book club, a magic society or anything similar, and you’re interested in doing some tricks, reading some poetry, holding a reading somewhere on a Saturday night where you can get great food and a drink – stop into Radio and talk to Saffron. I’m sure he’d love to have you come along – that’s the kind of Saturday evening he’s trying to create.

Anyway, we’ll talk through all this on Wednesday at our Notebook Meeting (Willow Gallery, 2pm) – and hope you can make the next sketching evening at Radio!

Should’ve gone

Sketching Evening at Radio Cafe, Baily St., Oswestry - tomorrow

Mum Says

Sketching Evening at Radio Cafe, Bailey St., Oswestry - tomorrow! 6-9pm

Not doing anything tomorrow evening? Come along to Radio in Oswestry and draw!

I know it’s very last minute, but we’re organising a sketching evening at Radio Cafe in Oswestry tomorrow evening, from 6pm – 9pm. The owner is trying to establish the cafe as a weekend evening venue, and is serving a tapas menu, wine and cocktails.

To help support the enterprise, we’re inviting artists to turn up on Saturday evening for an informal sketching session and to enjoy Radio’s award-winning food and drinks. Nothing particular planned – just turn up with your sketching materials and I’m sure there’ll be something to draw!

See you there!

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