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Whittington Castle sketches

Here are my Whittington Castle sketches from Saturday. I started out drawing the contrast between the areas of surviving external masonry and the restored areas of rubble core between them (bottom sketches). In the afternoon I drew a section of the rooflines over the inhabited portion of the castle (top right sketch).

Great Sketching Day at Whittington Castle

Can you divide this photo up according to the Golden Rectangle?

A great day sketching out at Whittington Castle – a bit on the chilly side, perhaps, but with the Castle cafe and the White Lion close at hand, no one suffered any permanent damage!

Half a dozen of us hardy souls met up at the Whittington Castle carpark and braved sub-zero temperatures through the morning and afternoon. We were fuelled by tea and coffee from the excellent Castle Cafe, and by a really nice lunch in the – lovely and warm! – snug of the White Lion next door.

Whittington Castle - roofs, turrets and windows

Thanks to Sue Ellis from the Castle who offered us the use of a room in the Castle next time for storing bags and keeping warm. And she also pointed out that the function room at the Castle is available for exhibitions, etc. It’s a lovely Castle-chapel type room, used for Wedding functions and the like. Wrexham Art Society is apparently holding an exhibition of Castle-themed works there later in the year – it’s big enough to hang about 100 works, or could even accommodate 3D and installation pieces.

Despite the cold and the cloud, I think everyone managed to get a fair amount of drawing, photographing and sketching done. It’s a great place to spend a day with a pad and pencil, and we’ll certainly be planning a return visit (perhaps when it’s a bit warmer!).

Next sketching venue is Radio Cafe, this evening between 6 and 9pm – warmer than Whittington Castle! See you there…

Sketching this Saturday

This coming Saturday, Feb. 11th will be a busy day for everyone who wants to get out there and do some sketching!

  • Whittington Castle, Whittington

Anyone who wants to is welcome to meet up at Whittington Castle from 10:30am to do some sketching. Bring your drawing/painting equipment and some warm clothing in case it turns cold. There are two pubs near the castle – The White Lion and The Old Boot, and the Penrhos Arms is around the corner – plus a newsagents (and a chippy, I think?) so there are plenty of places for hot drinks and lunch, or bring sandwiches and a flask of tea if you prefer.

  • Radio Cafe, Oswestry

And if you aren’t all sketched out by the evening, Radio Cafe on Bailey St. in Oswestry is open in the evening. Anyone who’s interested can meet us there after 6pm for a chance for some indoor sketching and drawing. The cafe serves excellent tapas, plus there’s wine, cocktails and coffees on the drinks menu. A small group of us met up there two weeks ago and had a really nice evening – do join us if you’re looking for something to do in Oswestry on Saturday evening.

Great Sketching Day

Quarry workings above Limeworks, Llanymynech - John S., 2011

Thanks to everyone who came along yesterday to Llanymynech and made the sketching day at the Limekilns so enjoyable. I have to wonder now why we hadn’t done this sooner! Thanks in particular to Maddie for bringing along her Dad’s old sketchbooks to  show us, and to Joan Zorn for arranging the booking of the Limey’s stables for tea and somewhere to have lunch in case it rained.

But it didn’t rain. The weather was fantastic – perfect, even. Warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky – absolutely ideal.

Inevitably, we started to talk about doing it again. With winter looming cold and snowy on the horizon, I expected that there wouldn’t be much appetite for any more Sketching Days until the spring. But a hard core of people declaimed their winter hardiness, and with Scott-like determination, said that they would be more than happy to brave the ice and snow for a winter sketching day in the not-too-distant future. Diana and I wondered about a day down in Llanarmon if (when?) it snows. It would probably be pretty short notice, but we could at least be sure of retiring to The Hand for tea, coffee and perhaps a nip of brandy if we all discovered we were less hardy than we thought!

Lots of other suggestions for people for spring/summer days out and about around Oswestry. But for all those who come from a bit further North – Wrexham and slightly beyond – what about suggestions for sketching days in your neck of the woods?

So, great day – soon to be repeated, no matter what the weather.

Great Notebook Meeting

Another great monthly meeting at The Willow. Lots of people, lots of really interesting things going on.

Updates from Maddie, Carmel and Rob Baur on their Art Works collaborations – Maddie doing interesting things with mirrors, words and cats at PetWorld, Carmel being distracted by the architecture in Ken’s jewellery studio, and Rob combining caravans and Soviet and British Rail posters.

All brilliant!

A number of people brought current work, so we all got quick peeks into Diana’s new one-drawing-a-day sketchbook, Chloe’s portfolio of two months’ worth of one-minute drawings and Geoff’s collection of new street photographs.

Some general discussion about the Art Works project, and some new developing ideas for artist/business partnerships – plus an interesting suggestion that we look at the possibility of linking Art Works into the new festivals initiative in Shropshire.

Upcoming events and exhibitions info. for your calendars:

  • Sketching day at Llanymynech Limekilns on Sat., Nov. 12. Turn up at 11/11:30 at the Limeworks carpark. We’ll have the woodburner lit in the stables, plus there’s kettle and a microwave there to keep us all warm. Lots to see and draw/paint/photograph. No particular plan for the day – we’ll be there until about 3 or 4pm.
  • New exhibition opportunity at Rowanthorn on Beatrice St., Oswestry. I’ve got a rota going – email or leave a comment if you’d like a slot. There are two 40x40cm slots and three 50x50cm slots at the moment, each one available for two months at a time (just like The Hand)
  • And, speaking of The Hand, there are still Dining Room exhibition slots available for later in 2012. Email or leave a comment on this post if you’d like a slot.
Finally, John gave a quick tutorial on using WordPress and this blog. Another one next month to catch anyone who didn’t get a chance today.
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