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Underhill Artists at Work

A final fantastic third day at Underhill Farm. The weather came up trumps – sunshine all day long! The farm was a real hive of activity, with more and more visitors turning up every fifteen minutes. Kerry and Emily did sterling work at the cafe, keeping us all supplied with tea, cake and sandwiches – giving us all no excuse not to keep busy! Clay, wood, paint, wool – activities kept everyone busy in every corner of the farm. And out in the Quarry Field, Wilf and Paul continued to build amazing things…:

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Thanks to Steve and Irene for hosting a great three days, and for everyone that helped make this a fantastic weekend. See you same place, same time, next year!

More Photos from Underhill!

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A great first day at Underhill – and to supplement Diana’s pix, here’s a quick slideshow of a few more photos from day one.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Exhibition Space at Underhill Farm

Living Art, Underhill Farm - via Amanda Jaynes

Living Art, Underhill Farm – via Amanda Jaynes

A group of us who are taking part in the Underhill Farm exhibition and fair on this coming May Bank Holiday weekend met up at the farm on Saturday to organise the exhibition spaces. We now have two large gallery spaces confirmed, and two small studio spaces also potentially available. Plus there’s the large courtyard space and the two quarry fields for activities and workshops.

We’ve also got a list of artists we know are going to be taking part:

  • Diana Baur
  • Rob Baur
  • Gill Crozier
  • Steve Evison
  • Aaron Evison
  • Jude Greaves
  • Dorothy Harrison
  • Jim Heath
  • Liz Mellor
  • Tony Roberts
  • Brenda Sandilands
  • John Swogger
  • Wilf Thust

But we still have some room, particularly in the Cattle Barn Gallery space, for anyone else if they want to exhibit. We’ve got one or two more people checking their calendars, but if you want to as well, please let us know as soon as possible! Also, if you’re a crafter of any kind, there’s still room for several more stalls for selling, demonstrating and exhibiting crafts.

The fair will run 10-4, Saturday May 4th, Sunday May 5th and Monday May 6th. In addition to the exhibition, there will also be:

  • art demonstrations, workshops and have-a-go sessions. Artists we know are doing workshops or demos include:
    • Diana, Rob, Brenda (clay & paper)
    • Dorothy (clay drawing)
    • Steve & John (landscape journaling)
    • Liz (layered paper)
  • greenwood demonstrations
  • ceramics using local clay
  • wool and other craft demonstrations
  • junior exhibition area
  • cafe (tea, coffee, soup & roll)
  • music (live, throughout the day)

It’s going to be a great weekend – lots of hands-on stuff, so somewhere to take kids and grandkids, too! Plus, if you’re taking part for the whole weekend, ask about camping!

Saturday at Underhill

This Saturday: planning session at Underhill Farm for the May Bank Holiday Art and Wild Craft Fair!

This Saturday: planning session at Underhill Farm for the May Bank Holiday Art and Wild Craft Fair!

Don’t forget: everyone interested in exhibiting, demonstrating or doing workshops at the May Bank Holiday Underhill Art & Wild Craft Fair needs to come along to the farm this Saturday, April 20th at 11am.

This will be our only chance to allocate space for everyone, as us artists will be sharing the farm buildings and grounds with the wild crafters and people leading other activities. This could well be the first of a number of Underhill Farm art events through the years, and this is your chance to get involved early.

Here is a map and directions to the farm. See you there at 11am!

ps. For anyone interested, some of us might be staying on after lunch to go sketching up at Llanymynech Rocks.

9657477-the-background-of-textured-of-wicker-basketry-light-yellow-colour-closeupThe Underhill Farm Art & Wild Craft Fair happening the first Bank Holiday in May (4,5,6) is now up as an “event” on Facebook. If you’re on Facebook, head over to the page to say if you’re going, and to keep up to date with news and details.

Anyone interested in taking part in the event should come along to our Inside Out Sketching Day on March 17th – we’ll be visiting the farm at lunchtime and having a look around the inside and outside exhibition spaces. And don’t forget to be thinking about demos and taster courses you might be interested in running during the May weekend.

Getting ready for Underhill

Winding tower, Llanymynech Quarry (colour study) - John S., 2012

Winding tower, Llanymynech Quarry (colour study) – John S., 2012

Underhill Art and Craft Weekend

Underhill Farm, Pant nr. Llanymynech

May 4, 5, 6

Here’s another date for your diary: Inside Out is helping put on an art and craft weekend at Underhill Farm, by Llanymynech Rocks in Pant on the first bank holiday in May.

There will be an indoor and outdoor exhibition, and opportunities for artists to run demonstrations, activities and half-day courses over the weekend. The weekend should feel like a combination of our original “Inside Out” outdoor exhibitions in Llanarmon in 2008 and 2009, and the National Libraries Day event we did in Oswestry Library a fortnight ago.

There are about eight of us already on board, already working on projects based on or inspired by the farm and its surroundings. Gill Crozier has been painting in the quarry, John Swogger’s been drawing a lot of the industrial features in the quarry and planning some half-day heritage drawing courses, Wilf Thust is doing something exciting and mysterious involving tree branches, white paint and ultraviolet lights, Dorothy Harrison has been eyeing the large pile of clay at the farm and thinking about fired earth and landscape, Jude Greaves and Tony Roberts are going to hopefully do some stone carving and glass demonstrations over the weekend, and Steve Evison and his permaculture crew are going to be doing interesting things mixing together sustainability and art.

Over the next two months we’ll be posting more about what individual artists are doing, as well as posting more detail about how the weekend is shaping up.

If you’re interested in getting involved, then start talking to me as soon as possible! We’ll need to start fixing demonstration and exhibition space around the farm sooner rather than later. Come along to the notebook meeting on Wed., March 6th at The Willow Gallery at 2pm when we’ll be talking a bit about how the weekend is shaping up.

366 and counting…

Thursday, 26th July 2012 - Teeshirt for the day from the brilliant "366 Teeshirts". via 366teeshirts.co.uk

Thursday, 26th July 2012 – Teeshirt for the day from the brilliant “366 Teeshirts”. via 366teeshirts.co.uk

How long does your art last?

I don’t mean how long will the print or photograph or painting be around, but how much continuous time do you spend within the creative execution of an artwork. Days? Weeks? I know some of my paintings can take months to complete – but still, that’s not continuous time spent with the work. In fact, in many respects, one of the key elements of art practice is learning how not to work – when to step away from a work to marshal creative thoughts and energies.

It’s easy to dismiss Neil Phillips’ 366 Teeshirts as a naive piece of one-hit-wonder art-jam, a kind of wearable cultural heckling. But the truth is that Neil is the only creative person I’ve ever met who has – literally – spent an entire year inside his art. What came across so clearly in last night’s “An Audience with 366 Teeshirts” was the sheer daily weight of this project. Every day, he became part of whatever was printed on his teeshirt, and the consequent conversations and interactions the daily slogan provoked. Courgettes, swans, cupboards, the price of biscuits – Neil’s captured snatches of innocuous household conversations seemed to unlock days of debates about immigration, celebrity culture and local economics.

How many of us provoke this kind of reaction to our paintings and photographs on a daily basis? How many of us live inside the same artwork day in, day out for an entire unbroken year? Neil’s deadpan modesty hides an astonishing commitment – all the more so for unquestionably still living in the real world, complete with family, job and slug-ravaged garden, all of which were woven into the fabric (yes, pun intended) of his art. What’s more, as last night’s event also proved, this was an art project which drew into its interactive orbit all sorts of other creative minds, like film-makers, web designers, musicians, as well as a cross-section of some of Oswestry’s most distinctive local businesses.

I’m completely jealous of Neil and his 366 teeshirts project. This, for me, is what art should be about: something surprising and immersive, something that outlasts the obvious thing you first see, something bigger than itself that is embedded within the real world. Neil shrugged last night at the failure of his project to “go viral” – but it has gone viral. 366 Teeshirts isn’t over just because Neil’s now wearing “ordinary” shirts again; the project is spawning new ideas and new iterations – 366 the album, 366 pants (no, probably not), etc. “That should be on a teeshirt” is now part of the Oswestry creative vernacular – Neil’s original concept has now escaped the confines of his own project and is evolving into… well, who knows?

Now that’s art.

Inside Out at Radio Cafe

Radio Signals [1], John Swogger, 2012

Signals [1], John Swogger, 2012

Radio Cafe has asked if any Inside Out artists would be interested in exhibiting works in the cafe. There’s a great deal of wall space available for artworks, and the cafe is particularly looking for bright, interesting prints. As the cafe is a place where food is cooked, it would best suit works behind glass.

If anyone’s interested, I’ll be gathering works this week to put up at the weekend, so get in touch via the usual email addresses or in a reply to this post and bring your work to my studio in The Cambrian Studios Building this week.

Freedom of the Mark

Freedom of the Mark – Nov & Dec at Gallery 3, Chester St, Shrewsbury

Gill Crozier (BVA, Inside Out) has sent around a flyer for her most recent joint exhibition with Janie McLeod at Gallery 3, The Gateway in Chester St., Shrewsbury. You’re warmly invited to the opening night on Friday, Nov. 30th between 7 and 9pm, and the exhibition is open until January 12th.

The exhibition is the last in a touring show featuring new works developed throughout 2012 by both artists.

For more information, visit gateway-gallery3.co.uk.

John Swogger has an exhibition of new prints at Rowanthorn on Beatrice St. in Oswestry, under the title of “Anitya”. The series of five prints will be exhibited one each month between now and December. John’s prints join paintings by Diana Baur as part of an “Art Works” partnership with Rowanthorn.

John’s prints explore the Buddhist concept of “Anitya”, or impermanence, with particular reference to culture, photography and Tibet. The prints draw their inspiration from the eastern flavour of Rowanthorn and the Tibetan and fair trade-sourced gifts, artwork and clothing Mike has in the store, as well as his own background as an archaeological illustrator. There’s more on the prints here.

Anitya – new prints by John G. Swogger
one each month: August – December, 2012
Rowanthorn, Beatrice St., Oswestry

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