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Jim Heath at Oswestry Library

Guarding the Stairs - Jim Heath.

Guarding the Stairs – Jim Heath.

Jim Heath is holding two art events at Oswestry Library this month:

Meet The Artist: Friday 24th May 11am -1pm. A chance to meet local artist Jim Heath and talk to him about his May exhibition of acrylic paintings of RNLI stations around the country.

Painting with acrylic inks: Thursday 30th May 10am-3pm. Workshop – charge: £30. For those with experience as well as beginners. Bring sketchbooks/sources of inspiration. Boards, inks, brushes/tools will be provided. Please book and pay for your place via Oswestry Library 01691 677388. Tea and coffee provided. Bring and share lunch.

Two great events – particularly for anyone wanting to introduce someone to working with acrylic inks, or wanting to have a go themselves. Please pass the dates around to people you think might be interested!


Thing That Go Bump at Oswestry Library

Even more Inside Out at Oswestry Library!

Even more Inside Out at Oswestry Library!

Great to see everyone at yesterday’s Notebook Meeting at John’s studio. A couple of things we didn’t get around to talking about regarding Inside Out art at Oswestry Library:

  • This autumn, there’s going to be a Textile Festival in Oswestry, and Inside Out has been asked to take part. With Debbie at the Library, we’ve organised a Textile Art Activity Day at Oswestry Library on Saturday, October 19th. This will be very much the same as our National Libraries Day event in February – we’ll set up tables and do various art activities to do with textiles, fabric, wool, string, etc. We already have some scrap fabric collected, but if anyone has scrap fabric they can donate to the day, you know we’ll make good use of it!
  • Secondly, Debbie emailed to say that the library is running a Keep Reading scheme through the summer, and the theme is “Creepy Houses”. If anyone has any art that relates to the theme, or any art activities that might relate to the theme, then get in touch. We can find exhibition space around the library for art, and we can liaise with Debbie for a day-slot for activities.
  • Finally, don’t forget our ongoing Art & the Word exhibition at the rear of the library. We’re continuing this until the end of the year, and this is the place for any book-, text- or word-related art – including book illustrations, illustrated poems, etc. – that you might produce. (Speaking of illustrated poems, does anyone do creative writing or poetry? Perhaps there’s an opportunity for some collaboration?)

More Art & The Word at Oswestry Library

Making Oswestry Library a real local arts hub!

Making Oswestry Library a real local arts hub!

Our Art & the Word exhibition at Oswestry Library has moved – and expanded! We’re now occupying the area immediately above the computers between the DVD racks and the kids’ reading area – directly opposite the main desk.

The exhibition has both 2- and 3-D works by Aimee Henderson, Rob Baur, Diana Baur, Freja Evans and John Swogger. The exhibition of book- and word-related art will last all year, and works will be rotated in and out as people bring them to me. I’m hoping that later in the summer we’ll have an exhibition on some of the work from Underhill Farm and Holy Trinity School. I’m also hoping that we can do something book/word/Christmas related for December.

Debbie at the Library said that people have been extremely enthusiastic about the exhibition, and positive comments still come in about our event for National Libraries Day. The library are now actively encouraging anyone with any interest in doing art workshops, demonstrations, working days or activities in the library to come and talk to them. There is working space available for rent in the library building for one-day workshops, and they can always find space for demonstrations or working days.

I’m also now setting up a Word Art Roundtable for anyone who’s interested in taking part in a regular get-together at Oswestry Library to work on book-/word-/library- related art. Please email and/or comment on this post if this sounds like your thing. I’d like to start in May.

Thank you from Oswestry Library

library_picAn email came through this afternoon with a big thank you from all the staff at Oswestry Library to everyone who helped make our National Libraries Day event work so well. The library collected feedback from everyone who came. Lots of really positive comments, and some of the most frequent were:

It was fun…

We learnt something new today…

We would come to a similar event…

Debbie says that staff also had a great time – and really enjoyed the atmosphere on the day.

If anyone has any ideas for future events at the Library, just speak up – the Library would love to have us back! Here’s to helping to make the Oswestry Library a real hub for local arts!

A Great Library Day

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Thanks to everyone who came and made our day at Oswestry Library a huge success! Everyone had an absolutely fantastic time – loads of nice comments from both visitors and staff. Great to see the library so busy and so full of people having fun making art!

I think we can all agree that we should really try and do this again sometime very soon. There are negotiations underway to create some student residencies at the library in partnership with the Fine Arts department at Glyndwr, and Debbie Marais is hoping that we can do a similar event sometime in the autumn. And yes – we’ll definitely do this again for next year’s National Libraries Day!

In the meantime, we’ll be putting up a new exhibition in the library of work from today – and we’ll be expanding it through the spring and summer with new works which bring together “Art and the Word”.

At the Library!

We’re halfway through our Inside Out day at Oswestry Library as part of National Libraries Day – and it’s fantastic!

Everyone’s set up on tables throughout the library, and me, Diana, Jim, Sandy, Rob, Brenda, Dorothy and Sue are busy making, talking and generally having a great time. There are loads of people coming through, and everyone’s sitting down at our tables and having a go at making stuff themselves. It’s a great atmosphere – really buzzy, everyone enjoying themselves, lots of things happening.

We’ll be there until four – come and join us!

Art & the Word

art_and_the_wordA small group of Inside Out artists are doing a project in Oswestry Library this month as part of celebrations for National Libraries Day on February 9th.

Called “Art & the Word”, it’s starting with a small exhibition of collage, painting and sculpture works to do with books, stories and words. The exhibition is sited on two plinths just opposite the check-out desk in the library, and will be up for the next two weeks.

Then, on Saturday, Feb. 9th, the group will be making art in the library, and members of the public visiting the library will be encouraged not just to watch, but to get involved, too! It’s a chance for everyone coming to the library on National Libraries Day to see art being made, and a chance for us artists to show people how books, words, stories and libraries themselves inspire us and what we do.

Although there will be a small group of us leading the day’s events, EVERYONE in Inside Out is encouraged to turn up and join in! There will be some old books for us to use in our works, and a chance to exhibit work that we do after the day is finished. So come along to Oswestry Library between 10 and 4 on Saturday, Feb. 9th for a chance to celebrate National Libraries Day… with art!

Inside Out at Oswestry Library

"Discovered Poem" - Will Ashford, via: http://www.willashford.com

“Discovered Poem” – Will Ashford, via: http://www.willashford.com

Here’s another exhibition opportunity for Inside Out Artists: Oswestry Library has no booking for the last three weeks of January in their first floor display space, and have asked Inside Out if they can fill it at short notice.

Anyone with any works they’d like to exhibit at the library for the next three weeks please get in touch immediately: and bring your work to my studio by 11am THIS FRIDAY, January 11th. Work received after then can’t be included in the exhibition, sorry.

Apologies for the short notice – hope some of you can still make the deadline!

Local Arts Centre for Oswestry?

Girl With the Yellow Scarf – Bekah Ash, 2011. Iowa City Public Library Art Purchase Prize winner. via ipcl.org

Oswestry Library already does an excellent job of bringing art into the town and making it accessible and highly visible. Every month, there’s a new exhibition by the BVA in the library’s foyer, and an exhibition of local artists’ work in the main room upstairs.

Recently, there’s been much hand-wringing in the local arts world as the government’s cuts to local arts funding really begin to bite. Since 2008, local arts funding has dropped by almost 40%By 2020, under current plans, local arts funding will have dropped by close to 90%meaning that even very basic publically-funded support for local arts events, projects and initiatives will have all but vanished.

I came across this article from last year by the former Education Secretary, Estelle Morris. She argues that local arts and culture provision needs to amalgamate in order to survive – that local museums, libraries and arts centres must band together and share resources and funding. I couldn’t help thinking of Oswestry. Wouldn’t it be great if the library – already so supportive of the local arts – could become a vibrant local arts and culture centre? Jeanette Winterson has argued that local libraries need to reinvent themselves if they are to survive the next ten years – I’d say that Oswestry Library is an example of the direction local libraries should be heading.

In the United States, local and public libraries use all sorts of art-events – from prizes and competitions to workshops, drop-in events, demonstrations and classes – to keep their libraries centres for the local visual arts. What about doing more things like this in Oswestry Library?

Maybe, instead of simply thinking of the library as somewhere to hang our work, all us local artists could start brainstorming about ways to make the library the local arts centre Oswestry could really do with.


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