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December Notebook Meeting


… and a Happy New Year!

Huge crowd today up in the Cambrian Building – almost too many people for the number of chairs! Almost too many mince pies for the number of people, too! Big thank you to Becky and Chris for bringing proper mince pies – the rest of us just went to Sainsbury’s, I’m afraid…

Despite the standing-room only attendance, we still managed to find time for everyone to give an update on their own “Art Year”. A surprising number of people seemed to be giving portraiture a go – partly inspired by the desire to have a go at something new. An interesting development. Perhaps 2014 will see an exhibition of Inside Out artworks of Inside Out artists?

Next month’s Notebook Meeting will be at Maddy’s studio in Llanymynech on January 8th (yes, that’s the second Wednesday in the month) – details and directions on how to get there will follow. And February’s meeting will be in Bob Knowles studio; details in January.

A big season’s greetings to everyone, and best wishes for the upcoming year!

Great notebook meeting

Sketchbook – Mattias Adolfsson via behance.net

Nice relaxed notebook meeting this afternoon at The Willow. We took up a sunny set of sofas all afternoon, and it seemed like we managed to talk about almost everything – from tattoos to Peter Blake, from limited(?) edition prints to artists’ trading cards.

A laundry list of information to pass around to everyone this month:

  • Clive Wilson is now a trustee at The Qube, and would like to collect suggestions from all us Inside Out artists to pass onto the board. How could the Qube serve local artists better? What do we think about the exhibition space(s) at The Qube? What about the events they organise? Anything they could do better/differently?
  • Any ideas, pass them along to us via comment here and we’ll send them Clive’s way – or, Diana will be sending out a round-robin email as well.
  • Also, Jenny’s got a piece in the Qube’s Open Art Exhibition. They go on display Sept. 14th, so go along and catch the show – and vote for Jenny for the People’s Choice Award!
  • Speaking of exhibitions, Chloe’s fantastic portraits and landscapes are still up in the The Griffon on Albion Hill until the end of next week.
  • Still on the subject of exhibitions, after conversations with Martin and Gaynor at The Hand in Llanarmon D.C., we’re going to start “theming’ our hangings in the hotel Dining Room. We’re hoping that choosing local and regional themes will help boost sales and make the hangings seem more focused and coherent. For October through December, our theme will be “Ceiriog” – the river, the valley, the poet: interpret the theme as you wish. If anyone’s interested, drop your work by my studio in the Cambrian Buildings, or treat yourself to a trip down to Llanarmon and leave it with Diana in her Glandwr Studio. We’ll be selecting work at the end of September and we’ll discuss themes for 2013 next month too.
  • If you do fancy coming down to Llanarmon, this coming Saturday would be a good day: it’s the start of Helfa Gelf this coming weekend, and Diana, Rosie Davies and Rob Davies are exhibiting as the Thithebarn Studio Group in Llanarmon. So, to help kick the Helfa Gelf season off, we’re having a Sketching Day, this Saturday, Sept. 8th in Llanarmon D.C. Meet up at the Tithebarn Studios or The Hand at 11am. We’ll sketch in the Tithebarn gardens, plus we’ll venture up to the old barn below Ty Coch above the village.
  • And while you’re deciding on what to do this weekend, don’t forget that the Heritage Open Day events are happening all around Oswestry. Special shout out for the film showing of “Decasia” in the Llanymynech Lime Kilns on Sunday afternoon, and the exhibition of Neil Phillips’ 366 tee-shirts in Hermon Chapel in Oswestry. Plenty of other stuff happening all weekend – in fact, from tomorrow onwards.
  • Also open this weekend will be Underhill Farm in Pant. Steve and Irene are looking for artists interested in running workshops and courses at the farm. Stop by and have a word with them and have a look around their great set-up. They’ve got some really nice converted buildings perfect for a wide range of art and craft working/teaching. If you miss this weekend’s open day, we’ll be organising a winter sketching day down there at some point either before Christmas or in the New Year.

That’s it until next month. If we don’t see you at a sketching day or something through September, see you at our next Notebook Meeting at The Willow on the first Wednesday of October!


My first tattoo. Any volunteers for when I start working on real skin?

Yesterday I took my “Art Works” project at Fine Line Tattoos up a notch, by doing my first ever tattoo. It’s only on artificial skin (I’m not licensed to work on real people… yet!), but it came out looking quite good, I thought.

I’ve written more about the day and the tattoo on my own blog, but I’ll bring along the tattoo to next week’s Notebook Meeting for everyone to see. It was great fun working with an entirely new medium – not one that I think most artists get a chance to try. The next step, of course, is to start doing it on actual flesh and blood victims; any volunteers…?

Notebook Meeting Tomorrow!

David Nash at Oriel Mostyn late last year - something to inspire us all!

Just a quick reminder to everyone: our monthly “Notebook Meeting” is tomorrow, 2pm at the Willow Gallery.

Come along for some good art conversation and updates on exhibitions, classes/workshops and projects.

Bring along your sketchbooks or work to share!

Notebook Meeting: Next Week!

Coffee Shop - John S., 2011

Just to make sure everyone has next week’s Inside Out Notebook Meeting next Wednesday, Feb. 1st at 2pm in the Willow Gallery.

We’ve got a lot to catch up on – it’s been a busy winter for a lot of us, with a great deal of creative sparks flying through the cold, wet January air! A quick list of things we’ll be talking about:

  • Various “Art Works” updates – plus news of our upcoming project presentation to the Oswestry Chamber of Commerce
  • Dates and suggested venues for winter sketching days. We’ve got a list of indoor, outdoor and indoor/outdoor suggestions.
  • New courses, classes and workshops we’ve heard about.
  • Some upcoming exhibition opportunities both around Oswestry/Shropshire and beyond.
  • Plus the usual chance for everyone who wants to show current work/sketchbooks/etc.
As usual, we’ll talk as a group for about an hour and then give everyone a chance to break into smaller groups after 3:00. There’s tea, coffee and cake available from the Willow Cafe, and I know a few people will be coming early to have lunch before the meeting. If you do come early, take the opportunity to have a look at new work in Screaming Chicken Gallery in the Cambrian Studios Building, and winter exhibitions at The Qube and Oswestry Heritage Gallery, plus Judith Harrison and Jood Greaves at Oswestry Library. “Torque” will have finished at The Willow, but their next show should be up by then.
See you next week!

Notebook Meeting Wednesday

Damien Hirst - part of Mike Leavitt's "Art Army" - perfect for Xmas! (http://intuitionkitchenproductions.com/actionfigures/artarmy/file/DamienHirst3.jpg)

Just a quick reminder to everyone that the Inside Out Art Group’s monthly Notebook Meeting will be this Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 2pm in the Willow Gallery on Willow St., Oswestry.

We’ll be talking about our Art Works project, getting updates from everyone involved, having a look at some current work, discussing the possibility of a winter sketching day, talking about the practicalities of organising some artist talks for the winter, signing interested members up for our ongoing exhibitions at The Hand at Llanarmon and Rowanthorn – generally having a good hour or so together!

So come along, and bring some current work or your sketchbooks if you’d like to show everyone what you’ve been up to.

Great Notebook Meeting

Another great monthly meeting at The Willow. Lots of people, lots of really interesting things going on.

Updates from Maddie, Carmel and Rob Baur on their Art Works collaborations – Maddie doing interesting things with mirrors, words and cats at PetWorld, Carmel being distracted by the architecture in Ken’s jewellery studio, and Rob combining caravans and Soviet and British Rail posters.

All brilliant!

A number of people brought current work, so we all got quick peeks into Diana’s new one-drawing-a-day sketchbook, Chloe’s portfolio of two months’ worth of one-minute drawings and Geoff’s collection of new street photographs.

Some general discussion about the Art Works project, and some new developing ideas for artist/business partnerships – plus an interesting suggestion that we look at the possibility of linking Art Works into the new festivals initiative in Shropshire.

Upcoming events and exhibitions info. for your calendars:

  • Sketching day at Llanymynech Limekilns on Sat., Nov. 12. Turn up at 11/11:30 at the Limeworks carpark. We’ll have the woodburner lit in the stables, plus there’s kettle and a microwave there to keep us all warm. Lots to see and draw/paint/photograph. No particular plan for the day – we’ll be there until about 3 or 4pm.
  • New exhibition opportunity at Rowanthorn on Beatrice St., Oswestry. I’ve got a rota going – email or leave a comment if you’d like a slot. There are two 40x40cm slots and three 50x50cm slots at the moment, each one available for two months at a time (just like The Hand)
  • And, speaking of The Hand, there are still Dining Room exhibition slots available for later in 2012. Email or leave a comment on this post if you’d like a slot.
Finally, John gave a quick tutorial on using WordPress and this blog. Another one next month to catch anyone who didn’t get a chance today.

Notebook Meeting this week

Burst 1 - John Swogger/Freja Evans, digital 2011. Graphic image for "Limelight", 2011.

Just a quick reminder to everyone that it’s our monthly Inside Out art group “Notebook Meeting” this week. We’ll be meeting at The Willow Gallery on Willow St. in Oswestry at 2pm on Wednesday. The meetings are open to any artists who are interested in coming along. One of the things we’ll be talking about our “Art Works” project, linking up local businesses with local artists in and around Oswestry; we’ll also be talking about recent exhibitions and projects, as well as ongoing exhibitions and working opportunities in and around Oswestry.

And why “Notebook Meeting”? Well, it’s a chance for people to bring along things they’re working on – open up their notebooks, sketchbooks, etc., and talk through ideas and problems, thoughts and current work and directions. It’s a chance to network and get to know other local artists, and see what sparks and new ideas can be generated.

Great notebook meeting!

All sorts of art-y types turned up to the Inside Out Art Group meeting at The Willow...

Good to start off the year on a really positive note. The Inside Out Art Group had a great meeting this afternoon at the Willow. Fifteen of us packed into one of the sofa-nooks in the window, talking about everything from lines to tattoos, wire to why we do art. Diana, Dorothy Harrison and I showed recent work that we’d done, and everyone talked about directions they were headed in. We talked about our “Art Works” project, and I got a chance to show some of the illustrations I’ve been doing at my sessions at Fine Line Tattoos for “Art Works”.  Great to hear what other people are up to, and to see some of the things they’re working on.

As it was the first such meeting, we didn’t get much of a chance to talk about future plans in great detail, but we did talk a bit about both the Art Works and “Reflections” project – putting art into local churches; as well as the “Window at the Willow” project Faye and Diana are heading, and our ongoing Inside Out exhibitions in the Dunbabin Gallery space.

We’re going to be holding these “Notebook Meetings” regularly on the first Wednesday of every month – so our next get-together will be Wednesday, October 5th – put it in your diary! Anyone is encouraged to come along – and to bring a sketchbook or some of your recent work to show and talk a little bit about. A few people wanted to know if they could contribute to this blog, and Diana said: Yes, absolutely! In fact, I’ll bring my laptop in October and will give a quick blog tutorial for anyone that’s interested.

Lots of ideas kicked around, lots of interesting stuff talked about – look forward to seeing everyone again in October!

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