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Richard III and the art of history

"Pembrokeshire Lane", Audrey Johns (from "Postcards from the past" at the Pure Art Gallery, Milford Haven Marina (via walesonline.co.uk)

“Pembrokeshire Lane”, Audrey Johns (from “Postcards from the past” at the Pure Art Gallery, Milford Haven Marina (via walesonline.co.uk)

Inside Out’s National Libraries Day event at Oswestry Library¬†was in the Shropshire Star again this week, mentioned in an article about John Swogger’s comic on Richard III. The comic also features in an article on the University of Leicester’s press pages talking about the various comic artists and writers who have been inspired by the discovery.

There’s an important point to be made about narrating history, here. It does seem to be the case that successfully presenting the past requires more than just text – that it needs a visual “hook” as well. If that’s the case, what does that say about art’s relationship with time, memory and landscape? Is there something unique about the way that art taps into the past? So many artists seem to want to consciously evoke or present their own connection to the past in their work. Is there something perhaps about the creative working process that captures something significant about time?

Our latest exhibition at The Hand is entitled¬†Ceiriog: Past, present and future, and I’m hoping that the works that go up in the dining room will reflect this ability of art to capture the flow of history within a landscape. Certainly this sense of a place with a deeply-rooted past is one of the things that visitors find so attractive about the valley – and art very much seems to be one of the things that can unfold that story for people.

Thank you from Oswestry Library

library_picAn email came through this afternoon with a big thank you from all the staff at Oswestry Library to everyone who helped make our National Libraries Day event work so well. The library collected feedback from everyone who came. Lots of really positive comments, and some of the most frequent were:

It was fun…

We learnt something new today…

We would come to a similar event…

Debbie says that staff also had a great time – and really enjoyed the atmosphere on the day.

If anyone has any ideas for future events at the Library, just speak up – the Library would love to have us back! Here’s to helping to make the Oswestry Library a real hub for local arts!

A Great Library Day

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Thanks to everyone who came and made our day at Oswestry Library a huge success! Everyone had an absolutely fantastic time – loads of nice comments from both visitors and staff. Great to see the library so busy and so full of people having fun making art!

I think we can all agree that we should really try and do this again sometime very soon. There are negotiations underway to create some student residencies at the library in partnership with the Fine Arts department at Glyndwr, and Debbie Marais is hoping that we can do a similar event sometime in the autumn. And yes – we’ll definitely do this again for next year’s National Libraries Day!

In the meantime, we’ll be putting up a new exhibition in the library of work from today – and we’ll be expanding it through the spring and summer with new works which bring together “Art and the Word”.

At the Library!

We’re halfway through our Inside Out day at Oswestry Library as part of National Libraries Day – and it’s fantastic!

Everyone’s set up on tables throughout the library, and me, Diana, Jim, Sandy, Rob, Brenda, Dorothy and Sue are busy making, talking and generally having a great time. There are loads of people coming through, and everyone’s sitting down at our tables and having a go at making stuff themselves. It’s a great atmosphere – really buzzy, everyone enjoying themselves, lots of things happening.

We’ll be there until four – come and join us!

Art & the Word

art_and_the_wordA small group of Inside Out artists are doing a project in Oswestry Library this month as part of celebrations for National Libraries Day on February 9th.

Called “Art & the Word”, it’s starting with a small exhibition of collage, painting and sculpture works to do with books, stories and words. The exhibition is sited on two plinths just opposite the check-out desk in the library, and will be up for the next two weeks.

Then, on Saturday, Feb. 9th, the group will be making art in the library, and members of the public visiting the library will be encouraged not just to watch, but to get involved, too! It’s a chance for everyone coming to the library on National Libraries Day to see art being made, and a chance for us artists to show people how books, words, stories and libraries themselves inspire us and what we do.

Although there will be a small group of us leading the day’s events, EVERYONE in Inside Out is encouraged to turn up and join in! There will be some old books for us to use in our works, and a chance to exhibit work that we do after the day is finished. So come along to Oswestry Library between 10 and 4 on Saturday, Feb. 9th for a chance to celebrate National Libraries Day… with art!

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