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Marja’s Mural

Brightening up the Bailey Head.

Freja was lucky enough to catch Marja putting the final touches to her mural on the rear of The George.

Perfectly timed for the oncoming autumn – it makes you want to curl up by a fire with a glass of something nice, some good company – possibly a cat or two… It’s the kind of mural that should warm you up even when the weather’s doing it’s worst. Thanks, Marja!

I’m not sure if there’s going to be any kind of official opening – anyone know? In any case, stop by the Bailey Head this weekend and have a look!

Clearwater mural by fine artist Ana Livingston – Tampa Bay (Clearwater) Florida. via http://analivingston.wordpress.com/

Florida muralist Ana Livingston has been following our Inside Out blog for a while now, and I thought it was high time we sent you over to her site to have a look at the fantastic murals she’s been painting in Clearwater, Florida.

Her Clearwater mural is a big, bold, bright piece – so very Florida! There’s a great gallery of the progress of the work here.

Oswestry’s own Cambrian railway mural, put up on the side wall of the old Woolworth’s has proven extremely popular. Now that the town’s getting another one in the form of Marja’s mural on The George, there’s more mural work in Oswestry than I ever thought there would be.

Is Oswestry secretly acquiring a unique art identity as a Town of Murals? Maybe we could do a muralist-exchange programme: someone could go to Clearwater, Florida and paint a mural of Oswestry in the rain, and Ana could come to Oswestry and slap a bit of that Florida sunshine on the Market Hall!

More Street Art!

“Wave” – Marja Bonada (2010)

Oswestry is getting a second street-art mural through Footfall. This time the artist is Cambrian Studio Buildings artist and Chicken Gallery member Marja Bonada. We spotted Marja on Friday, on her way to a photo session with Buzz and The Advertiser Рso look for the press release on the project in the paper this coming week.

She’s been given the job of painting-in the windows and doors of the music studio at the back of The George pub at the top of the Bailey Head (some of you may remember the “Shamanix” sign scrawled on the studio’s plywood door).

Marja’s probably best known to all of us for her installation work – like “Wave”, which was in the Willow Gallery when it first opened. But she’s also an accomplished painter as well. On the edge of the market square, this is a highly visible site, so congratulations to Marja for getting this particular gig.

If it’s as well received as the train mural opposite Wilkinson’s, then it would be nice to think that this could pave the way for a lot more of this kind of “public art” throughout Oswestry. Now all we need is that sculpture of Jude’s on the Mile End roundabout!

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