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New project: Artists at Work!

Art Works!

We’re launching a new Inside Out project in Oswestry which we want to use to foster collaborative relationshipsw between artists and local businesses.

The project – called “Artists at Work” – aims to create links between the work and practice of local artists and the local business community. The project is designed to evolve to suit the working culture and methods of individual artists and businesses.

What this project will do is bring together artists to produce work inspired by a programme of collaborative, on-site working with a local Oswestry business – a sort of informal artist-in-residence relationship. As the project develops, we will be bringing in local trade and commerce groups in Oswestry.

What kind of work would the project be looking for? That’s totally up to the artists and businesses involved, but some suggestions might be:

  • works which document or record a business’ working practices
  • works which utilise a business’ working methods or materials
  • works which focus on employees, location or tools
  • works which explore patterns of activity, or relationships between customers and staff
  • etc.
We’d hope that artists would engage closely with their collaborating partners, perhaps designing site-specific or interactive pieces. Work in any media, at any scale could be incorporated – again, it depends how the relationship between individual artists and businesses evolves.
We’re giving everyone a few months to think about this project and how they might get involved. We’ll kick-start the project officially on Saturday, July 9th at 10:00am in The Willow Gallery cafe with an informal get-together of any interested artists/business owners.
If you’ve got any questions or observations – go ahead and comment this post. Hope to see you there in July.

Willow Spring Show!

Inside Out at the Willow Gallery

Great new exhibition has just opened up at The Willow Gallery. Their Spring Show features some fantastic painting, ceramics and sculpture. As usual, Faye has set out an extremely eclectic and diverse show – setting some extremely accomplished figurative works alongside bold abstracts.

Jas Davidson (BVA/Inside Out) and John Wragg (BVA/Inside Out) are in the main gallery – John with large, Op Art-like geometric paintings and Jas with the latest in his series of bronzes mixing the human form with natural textures. They’re joined by Rosie Davies (Inside Out), whose watercolour landscapes are moving further into abstraction of form and colour, and looking both crisp and free at the same time.

Jim Heath and Des Jones are also exhibiting in the Dunbabin Gallery & Community Room for the next three weeks. They are two of our three Studio A1 featured artists for April – Joan Santana is the third, exhibiting down at Studio A1 – and the first of what we hope will be a regular series of Inside Out artists exhibiting in the Dunbabin Gallery.

So although it’s a grey day on the Shropshire borderlands today, there’s plenty of bright art in Oswestry!

Young Artists Stage First Major Exhibition

Good headline!

There’s nothing like a good write-up in the local press! Hannah Phillips and Becky Roberts, who are exhibiting as featured artists down in Studio A1 at the moment, had an excellent article written about them in the Shropshire Star under the above headline.

Click the picture [left] to read the full article.

Their exhibition looks excellent – some really nice texture pieces and that great bluebell featured in the Shropshire Star photo. We’ve had a lot of people in so far, and quite a number of members of the public, too.

Congrats to Becky and Hannah – come down and see their work for yourself this coming Saturday.

Well Grounded

Advertiser, Feb 22 - click for larger view

Good pic and write-up on Anne’s exhibition in this week’s Advertiser!

Well Grounded: Artist Elizabeth Spence is currently exhibiting at “Inside Out” Studio in Coney Green. The artist’s inspiration comes from her interest in archaeology and geology and she has been using mixed media including natural and organic materials along with oils in her representations of the natural world.

Hannah Phillips & Becky Roberts at Studio A1

Stripes #2, Rebecca Crowell - no, not on exhibition at Studio A1, but a major influence for featured artist Becky Roberts.

Glyndwr students Hannah Phillips and Becky Roberts are our next featured artists at Studio A1. They’re hanging tomorrow, and will open their show on Wednesday. Here’s a taster for what they’ve got in store in the form of their artists’ statements:

Hannah Phillips

I focus on nature’s organic objects and processes to create my work. The beauty of nature has always interested me and I tend to explore this through different techniques and media.  No matter where my creativity takes me, this theme will continue to inspire me throughout my art practice.

My earlier work is based on organic objects, concentrating on using acrylic paint in order to expose their flowing lines and shapes which I am very interested in. I enjoy exploring the form of the object and how the addition of colour adds to this.
In my recent practice I worked with Richard Spence on advertising, and I have also worked collaboratively with Rebecca Roberts where the end result was a sculpture created from rusted metal. This was a turning point in my own work, as the combination of Rebecca’s work on rust and my work on nature led me to explore the beauty which an item of decay can induce. I enjoyed working collaboratively as it has an element of unpredictability, which is refreshing in comparison to working independently. I became more interested in how texture can bring a new dimension to a piece of work when used in an abstract form, rather than concentrating on the image.

I went on to explore the concept of beauty in decay though different media. Using various substances to create texture leads me to discover how vibrant paint merges, blends and interacts with the surface. This has been a key process in my work. Photographs of deteriorating organic objects recently spurred me to move into the medium of print in order to focus on the beautiful forms and lines which decay initiates. I found that the addition of water colour to this otherwise black and white technique prompted me to explore how a process which is commonly thought of as detrimental, can indeed be elegant.

My practice uses different media and techniques to show that things are not as they seem, in an effort to challenge the perception of the viewers.

Becky Roberts

I am a local art student from Wrexham, currently studying my second year of Fine Art at Glyndwr University.
My work consists of a wide variety of styles and techniques. This current exhibition focuses on a more abstract approach compared to my previous work.  These compositions are textural giving attention to colour, tone and layering. I was drawn to the rustic aspect of found rusted objects, using these as a starting point I aimed to re-crate this effect in paint reflecting the colour and textures of the pieces I found. I then moved onto other media’s including print and sculpture. My work developed from using different surfaces to varied materials

I went from painting to sculpture in a collaborative piece made alongside Hannah Philips. Hannah’s theme was ‘Beauty and Decay’ which included the study of flowers which was an opposite of my rusted metal theme. Despite this I believe the contradiction of nature and manmade items worked. The sculpture was made using orange rusty metal which was found; this again was a contrasting colour to the bluebell we chose to base our sculpture on. I found working both collaboratively and independently beneficial and enjoyable as there are different qualities in both approaches. Working independently allows more control however; I find lack of control in collaborative work results in interesting compositions as different ideas collide.

Rebecca Crowell, a Canadian painter was a main influence in my work; Crowell’s paintings are also based on found materials such as driftwood and stones. She chooses her colour pallet based on objects she finds or even elements such as sky or water. I also incorporated the colours of my found pieces into my abstract paintings as well as the textures of them. Another aspect of Rebecca Crowell’s work I found interesting, was how she composed her pieces. She selected different panels which she had painted and arranged them together and when happy with the outcome she fixed them together as one individual painting. I liked this idea as it made compositions changeable. The idea of combining different painted surfaces to create one piece appealed to me, therefore I pursued this.

Anne Spence – final day

Men An Tol, Cornwall - Neolithic holed stone and two uprights

It’s the last day of Anne Spence’s exhibition at Studio A1. She’s put on a really good exhibition, with lots of really interesting and thoughtful pieces. As Anne takes down her exhibit later this afternoon, I thought I’d summarise her show by puting up an extract from her artist’s statement on the blog:

… The inspiration for this body of work came from my interest in archaeology and geology. I am currently exploring different organic mixed media works within my art. The reason I am using earthly, natural and organic minerals is that it relates to the unique megalithic structure Man an Tol, Cornwall, which is, for me, an inspirational site. Our Stone Age ancestors built this and they too would have used the same natural minerals of the earth for their cave drawings, but I have used these combined with oil paint within my contemporary abstract interpretation. I want to show how our Neolithic ancestors worshipped the sun and the moon through their megalithic structures. Highlighting how in our modern times we have lost these beliefs in our natural world, showing how such phenomena as eclipses of the sun and moon still leave us in awe, as it would have done for our ancestors. I want to display and bring awareness to the viewer, that in our modern day life we have not lost our inner feelings of our senses, but still have them, as did our ancestors, even though we are living in such a virtual world of the information era. I want to portray a sense of depth within my work that pulls the viewer into my world.

Youngest Member of Studio A1!

The Youngest Member of Studio A1.

Young British Artists – they’re getting younger every year!

Congrats to Emily, Studio A1’s youngest artist. She dances upstairs with Sue, and was very interested in what all us Old British Artists were doing downstairs, so she came along with her Mum and asked if she could put a piece of art into our exhibition. How could we refuse?

Studio A1 – the home of up-and-coming artistic talent in Oswestry!

Geoff Armitage with MIP at Theatre Severn

Marches Independent Photography

Studio A1 member Geoff Armitage is exhibiting with other members of Marches Independent Photography at Theatre Severn this month, from Feb. 3rd until April 3rd. Good to see a local arts group exhibiting in such a nice venue! I’m heading down to the exhibition next week, and definitely looking forward to it – Geoff’s photographs in the Heritage Gallery in Oswestry were excellent – and, of course, he’ll be taking part in our own exhibition, The Way, in July.

Tim Pugh at the Royal Cambrian Academy

Tim Pugh and Ruth Thomas: Natural Selection at the Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy. Feb. 12 - Mar. 13

Just got notice of Tim Pugh’s new exhibition at the Royal Cambrian Academy in Conwy:

Tim Pugh AFG & Ruth Thomas AFG: Natural Selection

12th February – 13th March 2011

gallery opening times:

  • Monday: closed
  • Tuesday – Saturday:  11 – 5
  • Sunday:  1 – 4:30

The Royal Cambrian Academy is located on Crown Lane, Conwy (here it is on GoogleMaps).

Tim Pugh‘s art is always worth seeing – he exhibited with us during the first Inside Out event in Llanarmon D.C. back in 2007. I don’t know Ruth Thomas‘ work well, but what I’ve seen on her webstite I really like – and it’s clear that her work and Tim’s goes well together. Diana and I are going to try and get over to Conwy sooner rather than later.

Thanks to Simon for letting us know!

Anne Spence at Studio A1

Hanging Form - Elizabeth Anne Spence, acrylic on canvas, 2010 (detail)

Anne Spence came in on Monday and hung her exhibition in Studio A1. She’ll be exhibiting current work there through the end of February as one of our “Featured Artists”. Anne’s got a great selection of work on show – pieces that show as much where she began as a former graphic artist, but also where she’s going as that graphic tradition works its way into a new fine art aesthetic. I had a sneak preview of the work yesterday, and I was particularly taken with the way in which she’s taken photographic references and translated them into not just graphic forms and painting, but also allowed them to migrate very successfully back into the 3D realm of sculptural expression.

Don’t miss this chance to see what one of this year’s Second Year students at Glyndŵr is up to – exhibitions like Anne’s are real opportunities for all of us to stay in touch with what’s going on up there.

Anne will be in the Studio on the following days:

Wed Feb. 2nd 10-4
Sat Feb. 5th 10-4
Mon Feb. 9th 10-4
Wed Feb. 12th 10-4
Mon Feb 14th 10-4
Wed Feb 16th 10-4
Fri Feb 19th 10-4

Stop by and have a chat and a cup of tea!

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