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Great Notebook Meeting

Another great monthly meeting at The Willow. Lots of people, lots of really interesting things going on.

Updates from Maddie, Carmel and Rob Baur on their Art Works collaborations – Maddie doing interesting things with mirrors, words and cats at PetWorld, Carmel being distracted by the architecture in Ken’s jewellery studio, and Rob combining caravans and Soviet and British Rail posters.

All brilliant!

A number of people brought current work, so we all got quick peeks into Diana’s new one-drawing-a-day sketchbook, Chloe’s portfolio of two months’ worth of one-minute drawings and Geoff’s collection of new street photographs.

Some general discussion about the Art Works project, and some new developing ideas for artist/business partnerships – plus an interesting suggestion that we look at the possibility of linking Art Works into the new festivals initiative in Shropshire.

Upcoming events and exhibitions info. for your calendars:

  • Sketching day at Llanymynech Limekilns on Sat., Nov. 12. Turn up at 11/11:30 at the Limeworks carpark. We’ll have the woodburner lit in the stables, plus there’s kettle and a microwave there to keep us all warm. Lots to see and draw/paint/photograph. No particular plan for the day – we’ll be there until about 3 or 4pm.
  • New exhibition opportunity at Rowanthorn on Beatrice St., Oswestry. I’ve got a rota going – email or leave a comment if you’d like a slot. There are two 40x40cm slots and three 50x50cm slots at the moment, each one available for two months at a time (just like The Hand)
  • And, speaking of The Hand, there are still Dining Room exhibition slots available for later in 2012. Email or leave a comment on this post if you’d like a slot.
Finally, John gave a quick tutorial on using WordPress and this blog. Another one next month to catch anyone who didn’t get a chance today.

Lighting up Llanymynech

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who made yesterday’s “Limelight” such a success. A true team effort, but particular thanks must go to:

  • Diana Baur – for lending the drapes
  • Maria Friedlander – for helping to hem the drapes
  • Ian and Ruth Garland – from Kinoculture for their loan of half a dozen slide projectors
  • Rob Davies – for the loan of his LED Par cans
  • Joan Zorn – liason with the Limeys, who helped organise everything from tea to power at the Limeworks
  • Ian – from the Limeys, for getting power out to the kiln
  • Tony Beardsell – from the Limeys, for the use of his generator and his worklights, helping us set up and take down and all-day assistance
  • Drew Cadwallader, Rosie Evans and Andrew Rogers – Roadies extraordinaire, who gave up big chunks of their weekend to help lift, load, haul and carry; special thanks to Rosie for arranging the music, too
  • Kirsti and Sonny – who brought lunch!
  • and the 300+ visitors who came and looked during the day, came back again during the evening, phoned up relatives to come and visit, and even got their kids out of bed to come and see it in the dark!
For those of you who didn’t get a chance to come down, there’ll be footage up on YouTube later on in the week.
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