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Art for a song

Art in August! Music, art and craft in Llanymynech.

Art in August! Music, art and craft in Llanymynech.

Some of you will have heard about this already, but just in case you haven’t:

There’s going to be a Folk Music Festival in Llanymynech on the weekend of the 16/17/18th of August. The three-day event includes an Art and Craft fair at the Limeworks on the Sunday.

The event includes workshops on clogging, songwriting and storytelling, various English and Welsh folk traditions, instrument have-a-go sessions and a whole host of performers playing and singing throughout the days and evenings at a range of local venues.

Anyone who’s interested in taking part should get in touch with the festival organisers at www.llanymynechfolk.org.uk. This is a great opportunity for artists and crafters to sell and display their work during a really exciting weekend. We’ll be talking a bit about this at our Notebook Meeting next week.

IMG_0273Another excellent sketching day in Llanymynech. We spent the morning down around the Llanymynech Limeworks, exploring the Hoffman Kiln, the railway lines and the canal wharfs – in the sunshine, no less! Lunch at Underhill Farm, with tea, coffee and the warmth of the calving shed classroom provided as the sunshine dissolved into hail and sleet. With the return of the blue skies, we headed up the hill for the afternoon, enjoying the last of the day’s sunshine up in the quarry itself.

Good to get out into the landscape once more, and I think everyone found more than enough to hold their attention through the afternoon. I worked on about two dozen sketches, trying to work as quickly as possible. Rob and Chloe also sketched quickly, both working with pencil, shaping out the massed quarry cliffs in pools of graphite. Malcolm concentrated on landscape, getting a view down onto the Hoffman Kiln from the hill above. Diana was doing some great mixed-media sketches, working over potato-prints made earlier in the morning in her sketchbook; Gill even brought in moss and mud into her drawings of the quarry cliffs.

We also had a big idea session over lunch about the Art & Craft fair in May. As promised, I will write up all the ideas we had and post it a bit later on this week – give everyone a chance to see what other people are thinking of doing and maybe spark off more ideas.

Suggestions for next month’s sketching day include Bersham Woods near Wrexham, The Ceiriog Valley, or back to Chester or even Llanymynech again! Any other suggestions?

Getting ready for Underhill

Winding tower, Llanymynech Quarry (colour study) - John S., 2012

Winding tower, Llanymynech Quarry (colour study) – John S., 2012

Underhill Art and Craft Weekend

Underhill Farm, Pant nr. Llanymynech

May 4, 5, 6

Here’s another date for your diary: Inside Out is helping put on an art and craft weekend at Underhill Farm, by Llanymynech Rocks in Pant on the first bank holiday in May.

There will be an indoor and outdoor exhibition, and opportunities for artists to run demonstrations, activities and half-day courses over the weekend. The weekend should feel like a combination of our original “Inside Out” outdoor exhibitions in Llanarmon in 2008 and 2009, and the National Libraries Day event we did in Oswestry Library a fortnight ago.

There are about eight of us already on board, already working on projects based on or inspired by the farm and its surroundings. Gill Crozier has been painting in the quarry, John Swogger’s been drawing a lot of the industrial features in the quarry and planning some half-day heritage drawing courses, Wilf Thust is doing something exciting and mysterious involving tree branches, white paint and ultraviolet lights, Dorothy Harrison has been eyeing the large pile of clay at the farm and thinking about fired earth and landscape, Jude Greaves and Tony Roberts are going to hopefully do some stone carving and glass demonstrations over the weekend, and Steve Evison and his permaculture crew are going to be doing interesting things mixing together sustainability and art.

Over the next two months we’ll be posting more about what individual artists are doing, as well as posting more detail about how the weekend is shaping up.

If you’re interested in getting involved, then start talking to me as soon as possible! We’ll need to start fixing demonstration and exhibition space around the farm sooner rather than later. Come along to the notebook meeting on Wed., March 6th at The Willow Gallery at 2pm when we’ll be talking a bit about how the weekend is shaping up.

Sketching day at Llanymynech - panel from Limescapes comic (2012)

Sketching day at Llanymynech – panel from Limescapes comic (2012)

Had a great sketching day at Llanymynech Rocks on Sunday.  About ten of us met up at the quarry carpark and braved the chill for a morning and afternoon of exploring, photographing, painting and drawing. We were met there by Steve Evison from Underhill Farm, where we stopped for lunch and a welcome cup of tea. Actually, it wasn’t nearly as cold as I expected it to be, and as the day wore on, it was actually quite warm in the sunshine. After lunch, Steve took a group of us on a tour of the older limekilns underneath the brow of the quarries, and then up to the toposcope for a view out over the canal, the railway line and the long oval of the Hoffman Kiln across the other side of the B-road.

This was not our first visit either to Underhill Farm or to the “limescapes” in Llanymynech, but it confirmed it as a place rich in creative possibilities. A number of us are now starting works that focus on the quarry, the limekilns and the wider natural and heritage landscapes that surround the quarry. Dorothy was muttering enthusiastically about centring at least part of her MA work on the quarry, Al was interested in also directing some of his course work towards the area, and I know Gill has also been working on a series of paintings set up in the quarries. I’ve also now started work on two graphic novel projects – one which Steve and I have talked about previously, about the heritage and environment of the quarries and the limekilns, bringing a number of different aspects – industrial history, archaeology, geology, social and community history and leisure – together; the second a more explorative graphic work which uses the quarry as its geographical focus.

With all this interest in the quarries and the kilns, I’m glad we’ve got a good working relationship with Underhill Farm. Both Steve and Irene are keen to have us Inside Out artists make the most of the place, and would welcome individuals or small groups back to use the farm as a base for working and sketching days. I know a number of us will be returning individually through the winter, making headway with our individual projects – but if anyone is interested in another sketching day out at the quarry, just say so!

December Sketching Day

Llanymynech Rocks, via Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust at http://www.montwt.co.uk/rocks.html

Wrap up warm! Our next sketching day is next Sunday, Dec. 2nd, at Llanymynech Rocks, by Underhill Farm in Pant.

We’ll meet at 11am in the carpark at the end of Underhill Lane and head up to the quarry for the day. It’ll almost certainly be cold, so come prepared. Steve and Irene will have the kitchen open, so there will be hot drinks at Underhill Farm during the day.

Look forward to seeing you there!


Decasia – Bill Morrison with live soundtrack by Barry Edwards; Llanymynech Limeworks. Photo by FJ Evans.

Here’s a shot of the screening of Bill Morrison’s film Decasia in the Hoffman lime kiln at Llanymynech. Kinokulture had built a custom-made screen to fit under the arch of the kiln ceiling. It’s a great idea – exactly the sort of thing that can really be used to bring the space alive for illuminations and projections.

The screening was really atmospheric, particularly with Barry Edwards performing a live soundtrack to the screening. Really nice to see the limeworks being used for yet another art event.

Anyone got ideas for next year?

Oswestry Heritage Day – new art opportunities!

366 teeshirts installation at Hermon Chapel, Oswestry. The next exhibition here could be yours!

So many art-related things happening in Oswestry it’s hard to keep track. And now, even more art opportunities!

Spent this morning and afternoon going around Oswestry to some of the Heritage Open Day venues.

Has anyone else ever been in the Hermon Chapel up by the Castlefields carpark? It’s a fantastic old nineteenth-century chapel, full of unusual architecture. Neil Phillips was exhibiting all the tee-shirts (so far) from his 366 Teeshirts Project. The organisers of the Chapel are keen to have the placed used as an arts venue. They would be interested to hear from anyone interested in using the space for an exhibition – whether 2D, 3D, installation or performance. You can get in touch with them via the Oswestry Museum – or us here on the blog.

There’s also a great opportunity coming in November at Underhill Farm in Llanymynech. Three years ago, Underhill Farm hosted an art exhibition weekend which attracted hundreds of visitors and – perhaps more importantly – sold loads of work. This year, the Farm is hosting another exhibition over two weekends in November: Nov. 17-18 and Nov. 24-25. The farm has several indoor spaces that can be used, and a lot of outdoor space as well. Steve and Irene are also inviting artists to hold “taster” workshops and classes in the week between the two weekends. They’ve had lots of success at the Farm with their workshops – there were spinning, pottery and woodworking demonstrations there today. Later this month, there’ll be a meeting at the Farm for anyone interested in the exhibition event to discuss details, etc. Drop us a line here at the blog if you’d like to know more and we can pass on contact info for the Farm.

Finally, just a note to congratulate Kinokulture and Barry Edwards [The Griffon, Albion Hill, Oswestry] for their atmospheric showing of Bill Morrison’s film “Decasia” in the Llanymynech Limekiln (the venue where we put on Freja’s “Limelight” installation last year). Oswestry musician Barry Edwards performed an astonishing live soundtrack to the film screening – really great to see other artists thinking of innovative ways to use the Limekilns.

So, tons happening in Oswestry this weekend – and tons of new opportunities for all of us as well. Let’s make the most of them!

Great notebook meeting

Sketchbook – Mattias Adolfsson via behance.net

Nice relaxed notebook meeting this afternoon at The Willow. We took up a sunny set of sofas all afternoon, and it seemed like we managed to talk about almost everything – from tattoos to Peter Blake, from limited(?) edition prints to artists’ trading cards.

A laundry list of information to pass around to everyone this month:

  • Clive Wilson is now a trustee at The Qube, and would like to collect suggestions from all us Inside Out artists to pass onto the board. How could the Qube serve local artists better? What do we think about the exhibition space(s) at The Qube? What about the events they organise? Anything they could do better/differently?
  • Any ideas, pass them along to us via comment here and we’ll send them Clive’s way – or, Diana will be sending out a round-robin email as well.
  • Also, Jenny’s got a piece in the Qube’s Open Art Exhibition. They go on display Sept. 14th, so go along and catch the show – and vote for Jenny for the People’s Choice Award!
  • Speaking of exhibitions, Chloe’s fantastic portraits and landscapes are still up in the The Griffon on Albion Hill until the end of next week.
  • Still on the subject of exhibitions, after conversations with Martin and Gaynor at The Hand in Llanarmon D.C., we’re going to start “theming’ our hangings in the hotel Dining Room. We’re hoping that choosing local and regional themes will help boost sales and make the hangings seem more focused and coherent. For October through December, our theme will be “Ceiriog” – the river, the valley, the poet: interpret the theme as you wish. If anyone’s interested, drop your work by my studio in the Cambrian Buildings, or treat yourself to a trip down to Llanarmon and leave it with Diana in her Glandwr Studio. We’ll be selecting work at the end of September and we’ll discuss themes for 2013 next month too.
  • If you do fancy coming down to Llanarmon, this coming Saturday would be a good day: it’s the start of Helfa Gelf this coming weekend, and Diana, Rosie Davies and Rob Davies are exhibiting as the Thithebarn Studio Group in Llanarmon. So, to help kick the Helfa Gelf season off, we’re having a Sketching Day, this Saturday, Sept. 8th in Llanarmon D.C. Meet up at the Tithebarn Studios or The Hand at 11am. We’ll sketch in the Tithebarn gardens, plus we’ll venture up to the old barn below Ty Coch above the village.
  • And while you’re deciding on what to do this weekend, don’t forget that the Heritage Open Day events are happening all around Oswestry. Special shout out for the film showing of “Decasia” in the Llanymynech Lime Kilns on Sunday afternoon, and the exhibition of Neil Phillips’ 366 tee-shirts in Hermon Chapel in Oswestry. Plenty of other stuff happening all weekend – in fact, from tomorrow onwards.
  • Also open this weekend will be Underhill Farm in Pant. Steve and Irene are looking for artists interested in running workshops and courses at the farm. Stop by and have a word with them and have a look around their great set-up. They’ve got some really nice converted buildings perfect for a wide range of art and craft working/teaching. If you miss this weekend’s open day, we’ll be organising a winter sketching day down there at some point either before Christmas or in the New Year.

That’s it until next month. If we don’t see you at a sketching day or something through September, see you at our next Notebook Meeting at The Willow on the first Wednesday of October!

Great Sketching Day

Quarry workings above Limeworks, Llanymynech - John S., 2011

Thanks to everyone who came along yesterday to Llanymynech and made the sketching day at the Limekilns so enjoyable. I have to wonder now why we hadn’t done this sooner! Thanks in particular to Maddie for bringing along her Dad’s old sketchbooks to  show us, and to Joan Zorn for arranging the booking of the Limey’s stables for tea and somewhere to have lunch in case it rained.

But it didn’t rain. The weather was fantastic – perfect, even. Warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky – absolutely ideal.

Inevitably, we started to talk about doing it again. With winter looming cold and snowy on the horizon, I expected that there wouldn’t be much appetite for any more Sketching Days until the spring. But a hard core of people declaimed their winter hardiness, and with Scott-like determination, said that they would be more than happy to brave the ice and snow for a winter sketching day in the not-too-distant future. Diana and I wondered about a day down in Llanarmon if (when?) it snows. It would probably be pretty short notice, but we could at least be sure of retiring to The Hand for tea, coffee and perhaps a nip of brandy if we all discovered we were less hardy than we thought!

Lots of other suggestions for people for spring/summer days out and about around Oswestry. But for all those who come from a bit further North – Wrexham and slightly beyond – what about suggestions for sketching days in your neck of the woods?

So, great day – soon to be repeated, no matter what the weather.

Limekiln sketching day

A super day was had by all thanks to Diana’s organization.  As I can’t sketch here is my ‘take’ on the day.

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