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Misery and Despair

How depressing...

How depressing…

Inside Out artist Freja [Limelight, Glass at the Speed of Light], Oswestry creative Neil Phillips [366 teeshirts, Awesome Zombie Ants, Supermarket: The Musical] and Shropshire band The Contact High came together last night for an evening of despondency and introspection at The Ironworks.

Gloom was billed as an evening of ┬ámusical melancholy, perfectly suited to the grim depths of February. A mournful playlist lived up to all depressing expectations, with enough dark, lonely tracks to dampen even the sunniest of spirits. The Contact High also lived up to their reputation, bringing a touch of garage psychedelia to the musical desolation. Freja’s fitful downlighting was ghost-show of shadows, trapping everyone in a lonely noir-esque web of murky flickers. At times, the band, awash with dim spills of red and blue, looked like stumbling refugees from a zombie apocalypse, their music the soundtrack to a Winter of Discontent.

The crowd of morose foot-shufflers who came to indulge their sorrows and who wouldn’t catch your eye moped around sulkily all night, finally creeping off around two. A thoroughly miserable night, as grim and bleak as everyone expected.

Let’s do this again!

Lighting up Llanymynech

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who made yesterday’s “Limelight” such a success. A true team effort, but particular thanks must go to:

  • Diana Baur – for lending the drapes
  • Maria Friedlander – for helping to hem the drapes
  • Ian and Ruth Garland – from Kinoculture for their loan of half a dozen slide projectors
  • Rob Davies – for the loan of his LED Par cans
  • Joan Zorn – liason with the Limeys, who helped organise everything from tea to power at the Limeworks
  • Ian – from the Limeys, for getting power out to the kiln
  • Tony Beardsell – from the Limeys, for the use of his generator and his worklights, helping us set up and take down and all-day assistance
  • Drew Cadwallader, Rosie Evans and Andrew Rogers – Roadies extraordinaire, who gave up big chunks of their weekend to help lift, load, haul and carry; special thanks to Rosie for arranging the music, too
  • Kirsti and Sonny – who brought lunch!
  • and the 300+ visitors who came and looked during the day, came back again during the evening, phoned up relatives to come and visit, and even got their kids out of bed to come and see it in the dark!
For those of you who didn’t get a chance to come down, there’ll be footage up on YouTube later on in the week.

Lightshow in Llanymynech

Light Installation at Llanymyech Limeworks - Sunday 11th from noon

Put Sunday in your diary! This Sunday, the 11th, Freja’s doing another spectacular lightshow in the Limekiln at Llanymyech. If you’ve never been to the Limkilns before, this weekend is the time to go – it’s a huge structure, and sits in the middle of a big industrial heritage complex. The “Limeys” – the Friends of Llanymyech Limeworks – are holding an Open Day on Sunday 11th, and Freja’s doing her lightshow in the kiln itself as part of that. She’ll be starting at noon, and going on until 9:00pm. It’s a great chance to see her lights – and a great opportunity to discover an amazing industrial landscape!

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