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Anitya: Sensation (vedana)

The second print in my series¬†Anitya is up now in Rowanthorn. Mike has some handouts with further information on the print and the series, if you’re interested.

Thanks to everyone who’s visited for the interesting comments on the first two prints in the series. The style of the prints is something of a departure for me, and an attempt to fuse two very different traditions together. It’s been great to be able to use Rowanthorn as a space to exhibit an experimental piece like this.

John Swogger has an exhibition of new prints at Rowanthorn¬†on Beatrice St. in Oswestry, under the title of “Anitya”. The series of five prints will be exhibited one each month between now and December. John’s prints join paintings by Diana Baur as part of an “Art Works” partnership with Rowanthorn.

John’s prints explore the Buddhist concept of “Anitya”, or impermanence, with particular reference to culture, photography and Tibet. The prints draw their inspiration from the eastern flavour of Rowanthorn and the Tibetan and fair trade-sourced gifts, artwork and clothing Mike has in the store, as well as his own background as an archaeological illustrator. There’s more on the prints here.

Anitya – new prints by John G. Swogger
one each month: August – December, 2012
Rowanthorn, Beatrice St., Oswestry

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