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Art and loud noise

Industrial electronic rock - with a local twist.

Art for “Awesome Zombie Ants”: an homage to 1950s horror comics – John Swogger, 2013.

Anyone else a fan of local Oswestry band “Awesome Zombie Ants“? Another art/music project by Neil “366 Teeshirts” Phillips. The band’s sound is probably best described as “industrial electronic rock” – with a local twist. As well as having the coolest band name ever, they’re the only group I know who’ve done a song about Shropdoc.

They perform on a semi-regular basis at The Ironworks in Oswestry – also the venue for a host of Neil’s other projects – including 366 Teeshirts, Supermarket and the People’s Vinyl Collective.

I’ve posted a lot about the 366 Teeshirt project this past year, but that’s only one element of Neil’s creative milleaux. He’s someone who manages to integrate a whole host of creative people into the orbit of his projects – Kinokulture and FilmGrade doing video and films, musicians, bands and DJs via PVC, groups like OS21 and the Oswestry Community Orchard scheme, and local businesses like BrightBeadz, Cafe Radio and Smith’s Bakery who sponsored and promoted 366 Teeshirts. Neil’s the “Kevin Bacon” of art and music in Oswestry – connected to just about every event and every musician and artist around.

I know I’m beginning to sound like a stuck record, but I’ll say it again: if the arts are to survive and grow in this inhospitable climate – whether in Oswestry or nationally – they need to be more joined-up, more connected. We need more Neil Phillips-es, ideally!




Parkinson it ain’t

Twitter or Teeshirts? Neil Phillips' 366 Teeshirts project wrap party, this Friday at the Ironworks in Oswestry.

Neil Phillips’ 366 Teeshirts project wrap party, this Friday at the Ironworks in Oswestry.

Neil Phillips is concluding his fantastic 366 Teeshirts project with “An Audience with 366 Teeshirts” at The Ironworks, this Friday.

For those of you who have been living under a rock this past year, 366 Teeshirts was Neil’s fantastic year-long art (?) project, featuring him wearing a new teeshirt every day for a whole year. Each teeshirt was emblazoned with a short message cut’n’pasted from real conversations – sometimes funny, sometimes surreal, sometimes political, sometimes poignant. It’s been an art (?) project unlike any other: a little bit culture-jam, a little bit soapbox, a sort of Face-to-Facebook – a Twitter feed from life’s laundry basket.

I say “art (?)” with the question mark, as even Neil’s not sure whether it’s “art” or not. This coming Friday, he’ll try and explain what it was all about with a massive exhibition of the teeshirts, some film, some music, a slideshow, and some impromptu interviews. Even if we never find out what it all means/meant, Friday’s certain to be hugely entertaining. See you there!

An Audience with 366 Teeshirts

Ironworks, Oswestry – Friday, January 11, 8pm

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