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The Street is my Canvas

One of the greatest things about graffiti and street art in general is the way in which it utilises the urban, architectural environment as part of the composition of pieces. They are true site-specific works, as without their environment, their location and context, they mean so much less. Thoughtful, accomplished, responsive, interactive – if only more gallery-based work were like this. [Pictures via Diana Baur]

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Banksy in Os!

Banksy in Os?

So what do you reckon? Banksy was shuttling back and forth between Bristol and Manchester, passed through Oswestry and decided to leave his mark? Why not? Isn’t Oswestry the art capitol of North Shropshire now? It’s certainly an interesting contrast piece to the new Footfall street art being painted opposite Wilko!

Or do we think that some enterprising art prankster has taken it upon themselves to reproduce the master’s work in a small rural market town just to see what happens? What is a real Banksy anyway? His actual handiwork, or his iconic images?

My money’s on the latter of these two possibilities, but I’m still willing to imagine that Banksy stopped off in Oswestry, popped into the Willow Gallery and thought he’d like to join the Oswestry art scene. For those of you who want to judge for yourselves, the piece is on the back of the old car hire/valet/petrol station just by the Whittington Road railway bridge.

I want ROA to do the front of the Guildhall next!

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