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Making it up as we go along!

Like it was made yesterday - Inside out art activity day at Oswestry Library. Soon to be a regular event?

Like it was made yesterday – Inside out art activity day at Oswestry Library. Soon to be a regular event?

Another great art activity day at Oswestry Library timed to coincide with Apple Day on the Bailey Head and the culmination of this year’s “Oswestry Makes” festival.

Well-supplied with almost twenty kilos of scrap fabric (courtesy of Inside Out’s favourite mystery artist) Sue Mann, Freja and myself set up two tables at the front of the library and spent four enjoyable hours creating. We had a steady stream of kids through the morning, making costumes with Freja, sewing apples with Sue, and making rag plaits with me. By the end of the afternoon we’d turned out waistcoats and wizard capes, two branches worth of fabric apples (now hanging up by the Poe-tree display) and ten metres of rag plait!

Outreach is an important part of what it means to be an artist. Locking oneself and ones creativity away can end up being a bit selfish. It’s important to recognise that if we want to be part of the community at large, we have to get out into that community sometimes. Galleries and open studios and exhibitions are all very well, but these venues can still be very intimidating and alien spaces to some people, despite the best intentions of artists. The “outside” part of Inside Out is about getting art (and artists) “out there” – getting art in shops, like our Mind, Body & Spirit exhibition; or outside shops, like Marja’s and Jim’s murals; or above shops – like Jas‘ sculptures; in places like pubs – like Geoff’s digital photo exhibition in The Griffin; or in the library – like our Art and the Word exhibition for National Libraries Day.

This was only our second time doing an activity day like this in the library, so we’re still learning – learning how to best set up and publicise the events, how to organise them and structure them, and what sort of materials and activities work best. I’m now putting a lot of this garnered wisdom together and will be liaising with Debbie at the Library to organise these activity days into a regular, possibly monthly event – and you’re all welcome to get involved! Of course, not all of us are cut out to be teachers, but in a group it’s easy to take part at your own pace and in your own way. And what’s great about having different artists get involved is that each brings their own, unique take to the activity.

So I’ll be posting more information about this new “Make and Do” project soon. In the meantime, anyone interested in getting involved should get in touch!

Photo Expo at RADIO Cafe by Geoff Armitage

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Tick That Box

"Life in Boxes" - Geoff Armitage at Oswestry Heritage Gallery.

“Life in Boxes” – Geoff Armitage at Oswestry Heritage Gallery.

Still a chance to catch the last few days of Life in Boxes, photographs by Geoff Armitage on show at the Heritage Gallery in Oswestry.

As usual, Geoff brings his clever, careful eye to his theme. Houses, apartments, suitcases, postboxes, telephones – life in boxes comes in a delightful and surprising range of shapes and forms. I’ve always like Geoff’s eye for the geometry and composition of colour and detail – something I suspect which comes from his engineering background. A great little exhibition: catch it if you can between now and Saturday.

“Life in Boxes”, photographs by Geoff Armitage – Oswestry Heritage Gallery, until Sat. April 27th

Show us The Way

Show us The Way, Geoff!

Show us The Way, Geoff!

Geoff’s been busy – here’s his photo collage board he produced for “The Way” up now in the old Oswestry Station foyer.

As Geoff has also proved with his photo slideshow in The Griffin, there are potential exhibition slots all over the place, you just have to look – and ask. Most people are happy to accommodate a piece of artwork in a shop or similar. In fact, as we found out at Oswestry Show last year, most people are more than happy to to provide artists with just such an opportunity.

So if you spot a blank wall somewhere – ask if you can stick something up on it!

MIP 2012 Photography Show

Great show – worth going all the way to Craven Arms for.

A bit last minute – the news has only just reached us:

Marches Independent Photography is holding their 2012 Photography Show at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms. There’s an open invitation to any Inside Out members who might be interested to attend the opening night reception this Friday at 6pm.

This is always a great show – I’ve been the past two years, and the standard of work is excellent. MIP are a really interesting group and well worth getting in touch with if you’re a keen photographer. Inside Out artist Geoff Armitage has been a member for a number of years now.

The show is on for a month – 14 September to 14 October – from 10-5. It really is worth driving down to Craven Arms to catch the exhibition.

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