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Getting ready for Underhill

Winding tower, Llanymynech Quarry (colour study) - John S., 2012

Winding tower, Llanymynech Quarry (colour study) – John S., 2012

Underhill Art and Craft Weekend

Underhill Farm, Pant nr. Llanymynech

May 4, 5, 6

Here’s another date for your diary: Inside Out is helping put on an art and craft weekend at Underhill Farm, by Llanymynech Rocks in Pant on the first bank holiday in May.

There will be an indoor and outdoor exhibition, and opportunities for artists to run demonstrations, activities and half-day courses over the weekend. The weekend should feel like a combination of our original “Inside Out” outdoor exhibitions in Llanarmon in 2008 and 2009, and the National Libraries Day event we did in Oswestry Library a fortnight ago.

There are about eight of us already on board, already working on projects based on or inspired by the farm and its surroundings. Gill Crozier has been painting in the quarry, John Swogger’s been drawing a lot of the industrial features in the quarry and planning some half-day heritage drawing courses, Wilf Thust is doing something exciting and mysterious involving tree branches, white paint and ultraviolet lights, Dorothy Harrison has been eyeing the large pile of clay at the farm and thinking about fired earth and landscape, Jude Greaves and Tony Roberts are going to hopefully do some stone carving and glass demonstrations over the weekend, and Steve Evison and his permaculture crew are going to be doing interesting things mixing together sustainability and art.

Over the next two months we’ll be posting more about what individual artists are doing, as well as posting more detail about how the weekend is shaping up.

If you’re interested in getting involved, then start talking to me as soon as possible! We’ll need to start fixing demonstration and exhibition space around the farm sooner rather than later. Come along to the notebook meeting on Wed., March 6th at The Willow Gallery at 2pm when we’ll be talking a bit about how the weekend is shaping up.

Inside Out at Radio Cafe

Radio Signals [1], John Swogger, 2012

Signals [1], John Swogger, 2012

Radio Cafe has asked if any Inside Out artists would be interested in exhibiting works in the cafe. There’s a great deal of wall space available for artworks, and the cafe is particularly looking for bright, interesting prints. As the cafe is a place where food is cooked, it would best suit works behind glass.

If anyone’s interested, I’ll be gathering works this week to put up at the weekend, so get in touch via the usual email addresses or in a reply to this post and bring your work to my studio in The Cambrian Studios Building this week.

Art Works at Oswestry Chamber

Wednesday evening I gave a quick 15-minute presentation to the Oswestry Chamber of Commerce about ideas that Diana and I have had for promoting art and artists in the business world. From our original “Art Works” ideas for linking art and business together we’ve expanded to cover a range of ways in which these links could build a new business environment for art in Oswestry.

We’ve based these ideas on Inside Out’s experiences working with The Hand, at the Cambrian Buildings, and with Fineline Tattoos. Using these as “case studies”, we’ve come up with a range of broad suggestions for future links and ideas. For anyone who’s interested, there’s a pdf transcript of my presentation here.

The presentation was really well received, and what we do now is to establish lots and lots of dialogue between ourselves, other artists and art groups in Oswestry, and interested businesses. We’d love to talk to anyone in the group – or beyond – who has ideas of their own about business ventures and enterprises, or ways in which art as a business could do – could be – more in Oswestry.

Notebook Meeting this week

Burst 1 - John Swogger/Freja Evans, digital 2011. Graphic image for "Limelight", 2011.

Just a quick reminder to everyone that it’s our monthly Inside Out art group “Notebook Meeting” this week. We’ll be meeting at The Willow Gallery on Willow St. in Oswestry at 2pm on Wednesday. The meetings are open to any artists who are interested in coming along. One of the things we’ll be talking about our “Art Works” project, linking up local businesses with local artists in and around Oswestry; we’ll also be talking about recent exhibitions and projects, as well as ongoing exhibitions and working opportunities in and around Oswestry.

And why “Notebook Meeting”? Well, it’s a chance for people to bring along things they’re working on – open up their notebooks, sketchbooks, etc., and talk through ideas and problems, thoughts and current work and directions. It’s a chance to network and get to know other local artists, and see what sparks and new ideas can be generated.

Ellesmere Update

Sunny Ellesmere!

Most recent news from Diana on the exhibition space in Ellesmere is:

Artist Lucy Wickstead has managed to negotiate a very reasonable price for well visited exhibition space in Ellesmere.
£28 a week with the usual 30% commission. A group of artists, (say 20 ) could share and it would cost very little. Jim Heath tells me that it is a good space and he has exhibited there and sold in the past. Studio A1/Inside Out artists could book a few weeks/ or a month for example. June could be a good time to pick as Tony Roberts and Phillipa Hughes will be doing BVA Open Studios in A1.

Do let us know if you are interested. Lucy would manage the project for us, and we can help distribute PR in Oswestry through Studio A1.

Exhibition Space in Ellesmere

Three Things from Babylon - John S., 2010

Diana and I have recently been approached by someone starting up an exhibition space in Ellesmere. It’s attached to a shop and not a formal gallery, but there’s ample space for multiple artists, is well-lit and has disabled access. The organisers got in touch with Inside Out because they’re keen to establish links with artists from the Oswestry area.

If any of you are interested, get in touch and Diana and I will see about taking this further.

Incidentally, for those of you unfamiliar with the arts in Ellesmere, it’s worth checking out the Ellesmere Sculpture Initiative, with its sculpture trail and programme of international symposia.

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