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Jolly Good Show!

Oswestry Show! All pix from Freja.

Thanks to everyone who helped make yesterday an excellent day at the Oswestry Show!

A very big thank you to Louise Hudson and D.R.E. & Co. Accounting, who kindly offered us half their pitch after hearing me talk about Art Works at the Oswestry Chamber of Commerce meeting. Thanks to Jim Heath, Judy Greaves, Jas Davidson, Diana Baur, Rob Baur and Freja who helped get everything set up at a very early 8am in the morning. And thanks to all the Inside Out artists who stopped by and drew, painted, sketched and carved in front of the marquee. Particular thanks to Freja for the invigorating and delicious chocolate/coffee/rum fairy cakes – which vanished so fast I almost didn’t get any!

Everyone was very complimentary about our set-up – and, I think, surprised at the link-up between an accounting firm and an art group. It was an extremely successful partnership – D.R.E & Co. got something interesting in front of their marquee, and Inside Out got a chance to exhibit at the show for free. Not only were we highly visible, and gave out loads of leaflets about the group and our projects – but we also came away with a handful of commissions: proof that if you get yourself out there and make yourself visible, that people will – and do – take an interest in you and your work.

We all had a great day – despite the fact that at quarter to four, the heavens opened and we were hammered with rain and hail. More importantly, we had a very successful day, too. Thanks again to everyone who made it work – and let’s start making plans for next year!


Show Yourself

“Fleece Navidad” – Mona Majorowicz. Mona’s an American artist who does fantastically colourful portraits of farm animals. Her website’s well worth a visit: http://www.wildfacesgallery.com

What: Inside Out at Oswestry Show

When: Saturday, August 4th

The Inside Out Art Group has been offered some exhibition space at this year’s Oswestry Show, thanks to Louise Hudson at D.R.E. & Co. Accountants, Lower Brook St., Oswestry. We will be setting up a small selection of works, a couple of leaflet/postcard stands plus a video monitor with a slideshow next to their marquee.

This is a great opportunity for people to publicise their work. We’ve got a selection of (weatherproof) work ready, so all we need now from people is postcards and leaflets to put in the racks, plus images of your work to put in the slideshow. Slideshow images should be jpgs at least 1080 x 800 pixels (higher resolution welcome) of your work, of sketches, or of you at work. Please send no more than 10 images, as we want to give everyone a chance to have something in the slideshow. I need to have the images by July 25th – that gives you two weeks to make your selection and email them to me.

You can email the images to me or Diana, or leave a CD or memory stick at my studio in the Cambrian Studios Building. You can also drop off leaflets, postcards and flyers there as well, or bring them down to Llanarmon.

We’re also going to be holding a sketching day during the show on Saturday. Just turn up at the showgrounds (there’s a £3 entrance fee), find the Inside Out stall (look for the orange and blue balloons) and come and get an Inside Out Artists badge – this will entitle you to free tea and cake all day long (I’m kidding – it’s just to help publicise the group and get people heading over to our display!) I’ll have my camera attached to our video slideshow setup, so if you’re doing sketching throughout the day, I can take photographs of your drawings and put them immediately into the slideshow.

Look forward to seeing you all at the show!

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