Cuts for the Arts - sculpture by Christopher Locke made from scissors confiscated from airline passengers. via Neatorama.

Not that I wish to be the bearer of depressing news, but today’s the day we all find out how bad the cuts in funding to the Arts are going to be. The Guardian has very good coverage of the results – a good blog and an interactive Google-based map showing where the cuts are falling.

The good news in all of this (if you can call it “good”), is that we failed to get Arts Council funding for Studio A1, which means that we won’t lose our funding! I suppose this really counts as making lemonade out of lemons, but it’s a useful lesson: this is the way arts projects like Studio A1 are increasingly going to have to be funded in the future – through contributions and volunteer time from those who value them.

So, no thanks to the current government, but thanks to all our members who are making Studio A1 possible!