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December Notebook Meeting


… and a Happy New Year!

Huge crowd today up in the Cambrian Building – almost too many people for the number of chairs! Almost too many mince pies for the number of people, too! Big thank you to Becky and Chris for bringing proper mince pies – the rest of us just went to Sainsbury’s, I’m afraid…

Despite the standing-room only attendance, we still managed to find time for everyone to give an update on their own “Art Year”. A surprising number of people seemed to be giving portraiture a go – partly inspired by the desire to have a go at something new. An interesting development. Perhaps 2014 will see an exhibition of Inside Out artworks of Inside Out artists?

Next month’s Notebook Meeting will be at Maddy’s studio in Llanymynech on January 8th (yes, that’s the second Wednesday in the month) – details and directions on how to get there will follow. And February’s meeting will be in Bob Knowles studio; details in January.

A big season’s greetings to everyone, and best wishes for the upcoming year!

Studios Available!

Looking for studio space? The Cambrian Buildings is the answer!

Looking for studio space? The Cambrian Buildings is the answer!

The Cambrian Studios Building in Oswestry will have two studio spaces coming available in the next eight months. The first is John Wragg’s old studio, on the first floor, and the other is mine, on the second floor.

The first floor studio is the smaller of the two, right down the corridor from Bob Knowles and Jood Greaves. It’s a corner room, with windows overlooking the old Cambrian Railway line at the back (and views of the trains, too – when they run them!).

The second floor studio is larger, with smaller windows that look out over the front of the building. I’ve been very happily working here for almost four years, and have had enough room to share the space with a graphic designer and store all the Inside Out artwork and equipment, too.

Both studios benefit from the great artistic community in the Cambrian Studios Building, which has grown and developed a lot since Inside Out first moved into the building back in 2010. There’s Bob Knowles and Jood Gough on the first floor, Vagabond print on the ground floor, NOW Group printers on the top floor, two engineering firms on the ground floor (Trevor’s Border Fabrications does work for art luminaries such as George Triggs and that guy with the sharks – Damien something), plus the Cambrian Dance Studios, Chicken Gallery and Sarah Piper Heap‘s workshop in the annexe. Plus the Cambrian has great landlords in Sue and George Whitworth, who have been extremely supportive of the artistic transformation of the building over the years.

Both studio would suit either a single artist or group of artists who were looking for a base in Oswestry. The first floor studio is available from September, the second floor studio from February next year. If anyone’s interested, please drop by the Cambrian buildings and have a word with George or Sue, or get in touch with us here on the Inside Out blog.

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