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John, Rob and Paul at Radio Cafe

"Underground" from the series 'Signals' - 2010, John S. Now up in Radio.

“Underground” from the series ‘Signals’ – 2010, John S. Now up in Radio.

The first group of Inside Out artists’ work is now up at Radio Cafe in Oswestry. John S., Rob Baur and Paul Stocking all have works hanging in the cafe for the next couple of months.

Saffron is keen to keep the art rotating through the cafe, and so will be changing the hanging regularly. This is not, however, an open invitation for a “current work” hanging – instead, Saffron would like to see artists come forward with works that suit the cafe’s style and atmosphere and explores or responds to the themes suggested by the cafe and the former radio shop from which it takes its name. The prints that I have hanging in the cafe, for example, are from the “Signals” series, about different lines of communication.

Anyone interested in exhibiting in Radio should stop by and talk to Saffron (bringing with you some examples of your work).

Art and loud noise

Industrial electronic rock - with a local twist.

Art for “Awesome Zombie Ants”: an homage to 1950s horror comics – John Swogger, 2013.

Anyone else a fan of local Oswestry band “Awesome Zombie Ants“? Another art/music project by Neil “366 Teeshirts” Phillips. The band’s sound is probably best described as “industrial electronic rock” – with a local twist. As well as having the coolest band name ever, they’re the only group I know who’ve done a song about Shropdoc.

They perform on a semi-regular basis at The Ironworks in Oswestry – also the venue for a host of Neil’s other projects – including 366 Teeshirts, Supermarket and the People’s Vinyl Collective.

I’ve posted a lot about the 366 Teeshirt project this past year, but that’s only one element of Neil’s creative milleaux. He’s someone who manages to integrate a whole host of creative people into the orbit of his projects – Kinokulture and FilmGrade doing video and films, musicians, bands and DJs via PVC, groups like OS21 and the Oswestry Community Orchard scheme, and local businesses like BrightBeadz, Cafe Radio and Smith’s Bakery who sponsored and promoted 366 Teeshirts. Neil’s the “Kevin Bacon” of art and music in Oswestry – connected to just about every event and every musician and artist around.

I know I’m beginning to sound like a stuck record, but I’ll say it again: if the arts are to survive and grow in this inhospitable climate – whether in Oswestry or nationally – they need to be more joined-up, more connected. We need more Neil Phillips-es, ideally!




Saturday at Radio

Sketching Evening, Saturday at Radio Cafe in Oswestry - art, coffee and tiny wooden people!

Radio Cafe was packed on Saturday evening – big crowd for such a small place. Me, Freja and Rachael were the only Inside Out artists who could make it. Several phoned to say they would have liked to, but couldn’t at such short notice. I’m sorry I couldn’t give more of a heads’ up to people – I only heard on Friday that the cafe was going to be open.

Still, the three of us sat around and drew, painted and photographed to our hearts’ content – and tucked into some delicious tapas (beetroot hummus, cone of fried squid, fried squash risotto balls), rum cocktails (Dark and Stormy’s with an extra twist of lime) and coffee – for the best part of three hours.

Good company, good food, good art – good time had by all!

I’d love to make this a semi-regular thing. Radio’s going to be open every Saturday night (except this coming Saturday, Feb. 4th), and ramping up their PR machine (posters, Facebook page, etc.) to draw in not only more people, but more things happening – music, poetry, etc., etc., And that’s a point, actually: if you’re in charge of a poetry group, a book club, a magic society or anything similar, and you’re interested in doing some tricks, reading some poetry, holding a reading somewhere on a Saturday night where you can get great food and a drink – stop into Radio and talk to Saffron. I’m sure he’d love to have you come along – that’s the kind of Saturday evening he’s trying to create.

Anyway, we’ll talk through all this on Wednesday at our Notebook Meeting (Willow Gallery, 2pm) – and hope you can make the next sketching evening at Radio!

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