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Notebook Meeting Tomorrow!

David Nash at Oriel Mostyn late last year - something to inspire us all!

Just a quick reminder to everyone: our monthly “Notebook Meeting” is tomorrow, 2pm at the Willow Gallery.

Come along for some good art conversation and updates on exhibitions, classes/workshops and projects.

Bring along your sketchbooks or work to share!

Great Notebook Meeting

Another great monthly meeting at The Willow. Lots of people, lots of really interesting things going on.

Updates from Maddie, Carmel and Rob Baur on their Art Works collaborations – Maddie doing interesting things with mirrors, words and cats at PetWorld, Carmel being distracted by the architecture in Ken’s jewellery studio, and Rob combining caravans and Soviet and British Rail posters.

All brilliant!

A number of people brought current work, so we all got quick peeks into Diana’s new one-drawing-a-day sketchbook, Chloe’s portfolio of two months’ worth of one-minute drawings and Geoff’s collection of new street photographs.

Some general discussion about the Art Works project, and some new developing ideas for artist/business partnerships – plus an interesting suggestion that we look at the possibility of linking Art Works into the new festivals initiative in Shropshire.

Upcoming events and exhibitions info. for your calendars:

  • Sketching day at Llanymynech Limekilns on Sat., Nov. 12. Turn up at 11/11:30 at the Limeworks carpark. We’ll have the woodburner lit in the stables, plus there’s kettle and a microwave there to keep us all warm. Lots to see and draw/paint/photograph. No particular plan for the day – we’ll be there until about 3 or 4pm.
  • New exhibition opportunity at Rowanthorn on Beatrice St., Oswestry. I’ve got a rota going – email or leave a comment if you’d like a slot. There are two 40x40cm slots and three 50x50cm slots at the moment, each one available for two months at a time (just like The Hand)
  • And, speaking of The Hand, there are still Dining Room exhibition slots available for later in 2012. Email or leave a comment on this post if you’d like a slot.
Finally, John gave a quick tutorial on using WordPress and this blog. Another one next month to catch anyone who didn’t get a chance today.

Art and football team-up!

Paint the Saints! Opportunities to link art and football with New Saints FC.

Are there any Inside Out artists out there who might be interested in teaming-up (pun intended) with Oswestry’s New Saints Football Club? Ian Williams, manager of the club, got in touch about our “Art Works” project and said the team would be interested in having an artist work with them.

New Saints FC play in the Welsh Premier League and regularly compete in UEFA competitions. The club is looking for interesting and innovative ways to expand its community base, and Ian thought the “Art Works” project might be an ideal way to create new bridges between supporters, players and their academy programme.

I can certainly see a lot of potential in this. New Saints FC are based up at The Venue at Park Hall, which could provide another interesting opportunity for an “Art Works” link-up. The Venue hosts all sorts of events, from fitness classes, parties and bowling to “The O-Factor” – Oswestry’s answer to the dreaded X-Factor! Again, could be some really interesting opportunities there, too.

If you’re interested, post a comment and I’ll send you Ian’s contact details. Or come along to our Inside Out “Notebook Meeting” on Oct. 5th at 2pm at The Willow and we’ll talk about it some more.

Another “Art Works” day at Fine Line Tattoos

"Matthew", Aug. 18th 2011 - first illustration for "Art Works"

I’ve just had another great day at Fine Line Tattoos as part of the “Art Works” project. Showed Stuart and Rena the work I’ve done so far – the illustration page I showed at the Notebook Meeting yesterday. They were really taken with it (and thought the picture of Keith looked just like him, which is a relief!). Spent the afternoon with Stuart on the reception desk, watching and drawing all the people who came in with queries and ideas for tattoos. Interesting watching the kind of people-management that goes on.

So, less about the tattoos and the clients this week and more about the dynamics between the tattooists themselves. I’m in the process of working up my sketches into another “Thursday Sheet”, and will be posting that on my own blog once I get it finished.

Already can’t wait until next Thursday!

Collaborative Energy

Iris - Marc Quinn

Found this article in The Guardian very topical – it has resonances for our “Art Works” project. Lots of interesting thoughts about the power of art to illuminate science – and the power of science to inspire art. To paraphrase a quote from scientist Valerie Hazan: in order to be a good scientist – or a good artist – you have to be able to see beyond the obvious.

The article features a discussion of the “Iris” series of paintings by Marc Quinn (image, left) – beautiful, slightly disturbing portraits of one of the most intimate parts of the human body.

There seems to be so much potential creative energy locked up inside collaborations and partnerships with non-artists. Almost makes you wonder why we bother going to art galleries at all!

Art Works at Fineline

Note on John’s blog about his first day sketching at Fineline Tattoos in Oswestry as part of our “Art Works” artist-in-residence project. Sounds like he’s having great fun; looking forward to seeing what he produces from his sketching sessions there.

Art Works: Fineline (i)

A quick post just to let everyone know about an encouraging start to our “Artists at Work/Art Works” project, linking together businesses and artists in Oswestry.

As some of you already know, I thought I might like to work with Fine Line Tattoos, just around the corner from the Cambrian Studios Building in Oswestry.

I’ve just come back from a brilliant hour+ long chat with Stuart and Rena, the owners of the tattoo studio, and talked with them about everything and anything to do with tattoos. They’re really enthusiastic, full of ideas, and think the whole Art Works project could be really worthwhile. I told them some of our ideas – like putting together an exhibition, a trail and a travelling version of the . They also had some excellent suggestions about ways to get more background on the art of tattooing, etc., etc.

We didn’t discuss any details about exactly what I would do, but we did agree that I would start by coming in every Thursday between 11 and 3, and do some sketching, drawing, painting, talking to people and just see where things lead. I’ve already started to think and sketch and have some ideas, which I’ve been covering on my own blog.

Following comments from Jane Brown at our last get-together, I’ve been putting together a short introductory fact-sheet about the project. This sheet, which you can download here, outlines the main ideas of the project and has contact information, etc. This might be useful for people to help them introduce themselves and the project to businesses they think they might want to work with.

Anyway, just wanted to report back to the group and say how much I’m looking forward to getting started on all this and hope this encourages others to get stuck in to the project as well!

Artists at Work – initial meeting

Thanks to everyone who came along to the initial meeting of the Artists at Work project yesterday at the Willow – and here’s what we talked about for those of you who couldn’t make it:

  • The general object of the project is to establish links between individual Inside Out artists at local Oswestry businesses, creating a way for artists to explore the unique heritage of the market town, and to demonstrate how art can complement a working business by exploring various aspects of it.
  • The project should also emphasise how art can promote something like a business in a completely different way from simple advertising.
  • We’re going to work towards an exhibition of Artists at Work artworks in Oswestry in spring/summer 2012
  • We’re also going to look at creating a trail around Oswestry – similar to the one we’ve done for the Way – with artworks exhibited in the businesses we’ve linked with.
  • Shropshire Council’s Community Working team are very interested in our project, and we’re going to be exploring some other exhibition/presentation ideas such as:
    • An exhibition of the Artists at Work project at Shire Hall in Shrewsbury, as part of a programme of promoting Oswestry within the county
    • A small touring exhibition about the project to villages and communities in the area, again, as part of a programme of promoting Oswestry within the county
    • Taking part in regional and national initiatives by Shropshire Council to promote its market towns
  • Oswestry Footfall – the group who help organise community art exhibitions in empty shop-windows in Oswestry – are also interested in the project. Not quite sure how they would be involved, but they might be able to organise schools, etc. to do site-specific art projects about the history of various premises, etc.
We also discussed some of the practical issues involved in taking part in this project, and came up with some ideas to help those who would like to take part but are unsure how to start:
  • We’ll produce a general “cover letter” describing the project that artists can send or email to potential businesses/partners to introduce themselves and their involvement in the project.
  • Oswestry Chamber of Commerce already know about the project, and we’ll make arrangements to make a presentation or have a meeting with the Chamber to describe the project and find out whether they know of any businesses who might be interested in partnering up with an artist.
  • Frank Triggs will contact the West Midlands and Mid-Wales Manufacturing groups to see if they might be interested in this project. If there are artists interested in exploring more formal artist-in-residence arrangements, we can help point towards existing national and regional schemes that can provide funding, advice, support, etc.
  • We’ll continue to schedule regular Inside Out get-togethers for all artists involved/interested in the project to talk through problems, experiences, etc., etc. Eventually, as various work gets underway, it would be good to invite some of the business people involved to come along as well and tell us how they think the project is going.
  • We’ll also post a rolling list on this blog of which artists are linking up with which businesses and how they’re getting on – hopefully this will encourage and inspire people who are a bit tentative about getting started.
Finally, it was generally agreed that we didn’t want this project to end quickly – people were interested in it being a long-term or rolling project, so any exhibition or trail that we do in spring/summer 2011 won’t be the end of this project, but simply something to initially work towards.
And as a kind of general point, several people confessed they had problems talking about themselves and their art, particularly when it came to promoting or “selling” themselves and what they did. We discussed the possibility of some kind of workshop or round-table session to talk about “how to talk about your art”. Who else would be interested in this? Maybe we can organise something for later in the summer.
Okay, so that’s about it. We’ll keep everyone posted about what’s going on and how the project is progressing – this blog’s the best way to keep up to date, so make sure you check back here often!
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