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Thing That Go Bump at Oswestry Library

Even more Inside Out at Oswestry Library!

Even more Inside Out at Oswestry Library!

Great to see everyone at yesterday’s Notebook Meeting at John’s studio. A couple of things we didn’t get around to talking about regarding Inside Out art at Oswestry Library:

  • This autumn, there’s going to be a Textile Festival in Oswestry, and Inside Out has been asked to take part. With Debbie at the Library, we’ve organised a Textile Art Activity Day at Oswestry Library on Saturday, October 19th. This will be very much the same as our National Libraries Day event in February – we’ll set up tables and do various art activities to do with textiles, fabric, wool, string, etc. We already have some scrap fabric collected, but if anyone has scrap fabric they can donate to the day, you know we’ll make good use of it!
  • Secondly, Debbie emailed to say that the library is running a Keep Reading scheme through the summer, and the theme is “Creepy Houses”. If anyone has any art that relates to the theme, or any art activities that might relate to the theme, then get in touch. We can find exhibition space around the library for art, and we can liaise with Debbie for a day-slot for activities.
  • Finally, don’t forget our ongoing Art & the Word exhibition at the rear of the library. We’re continuing this until the end of the year, and this is the place for any book-, text- or word-related art – including book illustrations, illustrated poems, etc. – that you might produce. (Speaking of illustrated poems, does anyone do creative writing or poetry? Perhaps there’s an opportunity for some collaboration?)

Art & the Word

art_and_the_wordA small group of Inside Out artists are doing a project in Oswestry Library this month as part of celebrations for National Libraries Day on February 9th.

Called “Art & the Word”, it’s starting with a small exhibition of collage, painting and sculpture works to do with books, stories and words. The exhibition is sited on two plinths just opposite the check-out desk in the library, and will be up for the next two weeks.

Then, on Saturday, Feb. 9th, the group will be making art in the library, and members of the public visiting the library will be encouraged not just to watch, but to get involved, too! It’s a chance for everyone coming to the library on National Libraries Day to see art being made, and a chance for us artists to show people how books, words, stories and libraries themselves inspire us and what we do.

Although there will be a small group of us leading the day’s events, EVERYONE in Inside Out is encouraged to turn up and join in! There will be some old books for us to use in our works, and a chance to exhibit work that we do after the day is finished. So come along to Oswestry Library between 10 and 4 on Saturday, Feb. 9th for a chance to celebrate National Libraries Day… with art!

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