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Geoff Armitage, photographer – New exhibition at The Heritage Centre

Just one colour


Geoff Armitage

Geoff's pic

This exhibition was inspired by the image above when I realised it only has one colour – that assumes that you agree with me that that black, white and shades of grey are not colours from the spectrum.

I like to set myself a project and 2 years ago this became the latest and most difficult yet!!

None of the images have been photoshopped as I do not use it; mainly because it is too costly and I do not understand its terminology.

I hope you find this interesting – and please, put your thoughts in the book.

Exhibition runs from 3rd until 28th July

At the 



A batik wax pot and tjanting tools for sale!



A batik wax pot and tjanting tools being sold by Holly Hayward.They hark back to my textile/demonstrating days.

These are very good quality, expensive to buy and an absolute bargain at £30 the lot for someone working in that medium ( please share with anyone who works with batik)

Beginners Screen Printing with Paper Stencils!


Amazing sculptures from cans!

Sculptures by Noah Deledda, Tampa, Florida. 2.3K likes. My name is Noah Deledda and I make sculptures by crushing empty aluminum cans

How Creatives can succeed in rural areas

Sut gall gweithwyr creadigol lwyddo mewn ardaloedd gwledig.
gyda  Patricia van den Akker o’r Ymddiriedolaeth Dylunio.  Yn y seminar byw hwn byddwn yn bwrw golwg ar yr heriau a chyfleoedd, yn arbennig ar gyfer gweithwyr creadigol mewn ardaloedd cefn gwlad
I bwy mae’r sesiwn? Buasai’r sesiwn yn gweddu’n arbennig i wneuthurwyr dylunio, artistiaid, perchnogion orielau a siopau creadigol ynghyd â threfnwyr digwyddiadau diwylliannol.

Dydd Sadwrn Mehefin yr 16eg: Galeri, Caernarfon


How creatives can succeed in rural areas.
 with Patricia van den Akker of The Design Trust.  In this live seminar we will be looking at the challenges and opportunities especially for creatives in rural areas.

Who is this for? This session would be especially suitable for designer makers, artists, gallery & creative shop owners, cultural event organisers.

Saturday 16th June, Galeri, Caernarfon.

Diversity in the Frame!

MIP poster 2018-3


As soon as you put one photograph beside another, you change the effect – and even the story – of both of them. In this show each frame contains an exhibition in miniature: three or more photographs have been put together in a sequence or arrangement in order to create a different effect than they would separately.

We hope you enjoy our experiments.

This Friday, June 1st at the Willow Gallery!

Heritage Comics exhibition at Qube, Oswestry!

Fabulous exhibition at Qube of John Swogger’s heritage comics – they look great enlarged as well as great as postcards and you can choose a lovely badge with your choice of detail. I bought a lovely one with a super drawing of a man taking a photo with his camera.

Heritage Comic exhibition at Qube!

There’s still time to see the Heritage Comic exhibition at Qube! 
Over the past 12 months, local Archaeologist and Comics Illustrator John Swogger has been creating an innovative local comic strip looking at Oswestry’s rich an varied heritage. The series has been published each week in the Oswestry Advertizer and the comics are now on display at Qube until 14th May.
Saturday 5th May, 10am-12pm: Comics Workshop for Kids
Learn about the Romans, Normans and others who called Oswestry home then make a comic to tell their story or one about your own family history. £5.
Wednesdays 9th May, between 10am & 3pm: Drop-in Comic Surgery
Interested in getting your family history down on paper? John Swogger will be in the gallery to help you make illustrated stories about your own heritage. Bring along your own family story, or a story from Oswestry’s past that interests you.
Friday 11th May, 6pm-7pm: Evening reception
To mark the end of the exhibition, John Swogger will be giving a free talk in the gallery on the comic series. Refreshments available.

This should be great!

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