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Shropshire Libraries Consultation

Over the years, all of the art groups in Oswestry have made good use of Oswestry Library. The Hillfort Creativity Group, the Inside Out art group, BVA, OsMakes – all of us (and more) have benefitted from the Library’s open and supportive attitude towards local artists.

Shropshire Libraries is now carrying out a consultation about the future of all libraries in Shropshire. This is about money, of course – saving it: cutting library funding yet again because it’s seen as a soft target.

But this consultation is a chance for all of us community artists to make our voices heard and say how important the library is for us and our work. Take the online survey and let Shropshire Council know YOU feel about Oswestry Library.

Claire final touches


Managed to see the  ART & THE WORD display in Oswestry Library today. Looks great. An eclectic collection of works celebrating ART & THE WORD and our fun day at the Library for National Libraries Day.

John has “cracked it” with a display solution – cardboard shelves!!!!! AND THEY ARE BOOK SHAPED! (Wilf will be most impressed!)

Please read John’s recent post about Monthly artist residencies at the Library. It certainly attracts me (Diana) – could be something akin to an oasis of calm doing something linked with books every so often in this community hub. Looking forward to it.




More Art & The Word at Oswestry Library

Making Oswestry Library a real local arts hub!

Making Oswestry Library a real local arts hub!

Our Art & the Word exhibition at Oswestry Library has moved – and expanded! We’re now occupying the area immediately above the computers between the DVD racks and the kids’ reading area – directly opposite the main desk.

The exhibition has both 2- and 3-D works by Aimee Henderson, Rob Baur, Diana Baur, Freja Evans and John Swogger. The exhibition of book- and word-related art will last all year, and works will be rotated in and out as people bring them to me. I’m hoping that later in the summer we’ll have an exhibition on some of the work from Underhill Farm and Holy Trinity School. I’m also hoping that we can do something book/word/Christmas related for December.

Debbie at the Library said that people have been extremely enthusiastic about the exhibition, and positive comments still come in about our event for National Libraries Day. The library are now actively encouraging anyone with any interest in doing art workshops, demonstrations, working days or activities in the library to come and talk to them. There is working space available for rent in the library building for one-day workshops, and they can always find space for demonstrations or working days.

I’m also now setting up a Word Art Roundtable for anyone who’s interested in taking part in a regular get-together at Oswestry Library to work on book-/word-/library- related art. Please email and/or comment on this post if this sounds like your thing. I’d like to start in May.

Thank you from Oswestry Library

library_picAn email came through this afternoon with a big thank you from all the staff at Oswestry Library to everyone who helped make our National Libraries Day event work so well. The library collected feedback from everyone who came. Lots of really positive comments, and some of the most frequent were:

It was fun…

We learnt something new today…

We would come to a similar event…

Debbie says that staff also had a great time – and really enjoyed the atmosphere on the day.

If anyone has any ideas for future events at the Library, just speak up – the Library would love to have us back! Here’s to helping to make the Oswestry Library a real hub for local arts!

A Great Library Day

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Thanks to everyone who came and made our day at Oswestry Library a huge success! Everyone had an absolutely fantastic time – loads of nice comments from both visitors and staff. Great to see the library so busy and so full of people having fun making art!

I think we can all agree that we should really try and do this again sometime very soon. There are negotiations underway to create some student residencies at the library in partnership with the Fine Arts department at Glyndwr, and Debbie Marais is hoping that we can do a similar event sometime in the autumn. And yes – we’ll definitely do this again for next year’s National Libraries Day!

In the meantime, we’ll be putting up a new exhibition in the library of work from today – and we’ll be expanding it through the spring and summer with new works which bring together “Art and the Word”.

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