Just a reminder to everyone that the Hillfort Creativity Group will be meeting this Wednesday, July 31st at 11am in the Oswestry Library Meeting Room. We’ll be focusing on the hillfort-related art activities we’re going to run for Heritage Open Days in September. We’ll be talking table-space, time slots and equipment, plus discussing any contribution we can make to related HOD activity ideas, such as the Designs in Mind “Mindfulness Walk” around the hillfort. Dzintra is also going to use us as guinea pigs for her historical weaving activity which she’ll be doing at the Library during the HOD weekend. I’m not sure of the details, but we’ll get to try various traditional and historical weaving techniques. I also think Dorothy may be bringing in some fired results from our flatback session last month. Plus, we may have an opportunity to hear some hillfort-related poetry while we work – or, if not, a reading from a recent Oswestry-related historical novel about Saint Oswald.

See you there!