We open on 3rd November- 23rd December, 2 pm- 8 pm, Wednesday- Sunday. It is exciting!

We are selling the work of well over 50 makers. Including: Aardvark Illustration, Adam Birch, Alice Draws the Line, Anna Photography, Allanah Piesse, Anne Reeves Jewellery, Butterbelle, Cariad Cakes, Carol Davies Illustration, Charlie Adlard, Charlotte Clark Ltd, Chloe Crochet, Claire Ankers, Dea Paradisos, Debbie Williams Designer, Diana Baur, Dorothy Harrison, Ellen’s Finger Print Jewellery, Emma Woodhouse, Flowerdog Photography, Gemmipop Design, Gill Crozier, Glory Goldsmith, Graham Mitchell, Hanny Newton, Heather Maund, Helen Duckworth, Helen Sian, Ironbridge Candle Company, Isabel Bradley, Isolde Nicholson, Jo Mollart-Highfield, Judith Harrison, Life of Riley-Pet bakery and Boutique, Linda Edwards, Melanie Bailey, Merrythought, Moonsalt Jewellery, M.Valentine Williams, Odin’s Sauces, Pear of Peas, Peter Williams, Proppa Toppa, Rachael Montgomery, Rascal pack, Rebecca Sarah, Sarah Isaacs, That’s Sew Becky, The Rocking horse workshop, Tinsel & Tutu, The Vintage twist Company, W.G.F.Howson Instruments, Tom Hayes and John Wragg….What a team!