Diana Baur Fire in the Heart

“Fire in the Heart” mixed media by Diana Baur

Join us for the launch of Energy & Motion at Undegun,

Friday 16th February 2018 7.0-9.0 pm  Free event.
Featuring the work of:

Diana Baur
Hannah Prescott
Jon Price

With special guest emerging artist Tristan Dickenson.
The launch will feature music from Jonathan Evans Coley.

The night also presents the premiere of People in Places Written and Directed by Robert Corcoran for 73 Degree Films.

“Energy and motion made visible – memories arrested in space”
― Jackson Pollock

This exhibition features the work of three prominent visual artists, all with Wrexham connections through their learning, work and social circles. The exhibition is tour de force of contemporary abstract-expressionist thought where “Energy & Motion” become reality through the interpretation of the painters.

Diana Baur
Diana uses colour and texture to capture emotional experiences. Expressive marks, paint and collage direct her multi-sensory memories.
“I rarely know what my paintings are about until they are complete.”
Diana’s bold engagement with various materials reflects her character and her search for the “intangible”.
An artist’s daughter, Diana has lived and sketched in the Welsh hills for twenty-seven years. Purely abstract paintings have developed into semi-abstract landscapes, encouraging her to play between the boundaries of pure representation and pure abstraction.
2010: First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art.
2014: Masters in Art Practice – Glyndwr University.
Co-director Inside Out Art Group, member of Borderland Visual Arts.
Member of DegreeArt.com, Somerset House, London

Hannah Prescott
Influenced by the likes of Mark Rothko and later in her art education Joe Bradley and Polish artist Janusz Karbowniczek, Hannah’s work is often both abstract and expressive. She works big scale therefore using the space efficiently which allows her to move around the canvas and use a range of materials such as: paint, oil pastels, plastic, charcoal, spray paint and other materials she finds appropriate for the piece. She is always trying to liberate her work further; she believes that art should be freeing and involving and likes the idea of being inspired by the people and simple everyday things around us. This is what she’s working towards.

Jon Price
Jon Price is Wrexham born and bred, originally heralding from Rhostyllen.
His father and grandfather before him, were both miners in the region. Jon himself worked in Shotton and Brymbo steel works until he set himself up in business in Wrexham town centre in the 1980’s and became a successful, well known character in the town.
Jon has been painting for over 40 years, now semi-retired, he uses his artistic and creative talents to produce large art works in the neo expressionist style. His influences are mainly from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and chiefly include Jean Dubuffet, Basquait, De Kooning and Karel Appel.