Milton Keynes Tree Cathedral
Didn’t think Milton Keynes had a Cathedral? Well, it has. It’s the Milton Keynes Tree Cathedral.

Ok, the Tree Cathedral may not be made of the usual bricks and mortar but of… yes, you guessed it… trees!

Neil Higson designed the Milton Keynes Tree cathedral in 1986. A lot of thought had gone into the design of this unique cathedral. It is not just a row of trees!

Located in Newlands (Near Gulliver’s Land), the Milton Keynes Tree Cathedral was created using different species of trees for the outline (which is based on the Norwich Cathedral). The nave used hornbeam and tall-growing trees, and evergreens create central tower and spire. Obviously, our cathedral doesn’t have stained glass windows, so, during springtime lovely bulbs blossom to create the effect of the sun shining through stained glass windows.

The Tree Cathedral is accessible 24/7 – unless a private event is taking place.

You can visit The Parks Trust website for further information.