We had a lovely gathering yesterday at Willow Gallery! We welcomed Neil Higson to the group and all of us had a chance to update everyone on our art journeys and inspirations. We had a good look at the current exhibition of BVA Bijoux works and also loved seeing Wilf’s work on the end wall of the gallery and also in the Dunbabin room. Clive showed us some photographs of his latest still life works in oils, that were stunning, and gave us some good advice on house insurance re ones artworks. John explained a number of his processes when constructing his comic works, and Sandy updated us about the group she attends in Coed Poeth – where Elfyn Jones is soon due to give some input. Jane advised on her new found interest in working with greenwood, Rob is experimenting with water colour and looking forward to one of Tereska Shepherd’s courses on The Garden, Neil explained his background in landscape and Hilary gave us insight into her new all day life classes held above the Willow Gallery. Diana mentioned her recent development into abstract landscapes that escape the frame.  She promised to email members the proforma on updating an Artist’s statement that she found extremely useful. (We were sad not see see Josie due to car problems).

Reminders: The next exhibition at the Gallery is painting with words – application forms from the gallery.

John will be giving a talk on Heritage at Hermon Chapel on 10th March in the evening, and we will be showing a few of the hillfort works from AHH.

IMG_4434 Rob welcoming Neil Higson………

IMG_4435 John and Hilary discussing Hilary’s sculptures



Wilf’s amazing works on Trees look wonderful!


We were invited to visit Hilary’s huge new studio above the Dunbabin room and see where her life drawing classes are held. They will start again as the weather warms up – Diana is keen to try a 3D response in clay. Watch this space for more details! (We are planning an indoor sketching day for February – all welcome as well as all ideas on where gratefully received!)

IMG_4444      IMG_4438