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Milton Keynes Tree Cathedral

Milton Keynes Tree Cathedral
Didn’t think Milton Keynes had a Cathedral? Well, it has. It’s the Milton Keynes Tree Cathedral.

Ok, the Tree Cathedral may not be made of the usual bricks and mortar but of… yes, you guessed it… trees!

Neil Higson designed the Milton Keynes Tree cathedral in 1986. A lot of thought had gone into the design of this unique cathedral. It is not just a row of trees!

Located in Newlands (Near Gulliver’s Land), the Milton Keynes Tree Cathedral was created using different species of trees for the outline (which is based on the Norwich Cathedral). The nave used hornbeam and tall-growing trees, and evergreens create central tower and spire. Obviously, our cathedral doesn’t have stained glass windows, so, during springtime lovely bulbs blossom to create the effect of the sun shining through stained glass windows.

The Tree Cathedral is accessible 24/7 – unless a private event is taking place.

You can visit The Parks Trust website for further information.



Proposed Sketching day to Chester Cathedral!Tuesday 20th February!

It has been difficult to accommodate all the dates people can and cannot do! We have finally decided on Tuesday 20th February, and apologies to those who cannot make that day. John, Rob and I aim to get to the Cathedral cafe between 10.30 and 11.0 a.m. with sketchbooks in tow. Please seek us out there, or if you arrive later catch us sketching just about anywhere in the Cathedral. Look forward to seeing you there. (If we have not met you before, please make it obvious that you are a sketching artist and we will be using or carrying our sketchbooks very obviously.


Reminder: Rachel Montgomery has offered a lift to three people from St. Martins, if she can make the Tuesday.


Make a Monolith (or a Platter!)

Make-a-Monolith (or a Platter!)

Cut, build and colour your own glass sculpture for garden, table, or window in my woodland workshop, and return a few days later after it’s cooled in the kiln to be amazed – and to take it home with you.

I thought you might be interested in doing one of my glass-casting workshops this year, so here are the details of when they are and what they’ll cost.

There are only going to be seven sessions, so, if you do want to come, please book a place as soon as you can.You don’t need any previous experience, I’ll guide you through the process. Everything is included, you just need to come suitably dressed for a day in the woods, because that’s where the workshop is!
You can book a place by clicking on the button below or by going to
The price is much the same as last year, £95 per person for Make-a-Monolith, £80 for Make-a-platter.

There’s a reduced price if you plan to come as a group of 4.

I do hope you can come!
The dates are:

  • Make-a-Monolith: May 1st and 27th, July 1st and 29th, and August 19th.
  • Make-a-Platter: March 21st (just one place left) and September 1st
Book a place – click here
Don’t forget to call during Open Studio 2018 – the middle two weekends of June
You’re welcome to call anytime on Saturday and Sunday between 10 and 5pm –
and you can see and buy my recent work on, and

40 Years of Here!! A show not to be missed!


A fantastic celebration is coming soon…’40 Years of Here’ opens on 8th February with the Private View on Tuesday 13th February 5-7pm at Carmarthen School of Art, Jobs Well Road, Carmarthen.

Amelia Kilvington will be hanging the show next week and has a small piece of her own work that will be in the show before it goes on display in an exhibition in Vienna, Austria in April

Re: Future Sketching days – Received from Josie!


Group Indoor Sketching day sometime soon

Dear Artists & Friends – John and I are investigating a possible indoor sketching day. Chirk Castle, Chester Cathedral and Shrewsbury Museum are possibilities. Details below. Any ideas, comments etc most welcome. It would involve some costs and travel sharing. Diana

1.Chirk Castle is one idea – (National Trust Members would be free)

2.Chester Cathedral

enquiry sent online – quite far, but entry seems to be free. Parking in the multi-storey nearby is easy.

3.Shrewsbury Museum

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery is located in The Music Hall which is situated in The Square, Shrewsbury.
(SY1 1LH).

Opening Times:

Tuesday-Saturday – 10am – 5pm (last admissions at 4pm)

Sunday – 11am to 4pm (last admissions at 3pm)

The Visitor Information Centre closes at 4pm.

Admission Prices

£4.50 per adult

£4.00 per person of state pension age

£3.60 per student (with NUS card)

Groups (12+ visitors) adult £4, person of pension age £3.50, child £1.50

The Prehistory & Roman Gallery is free of charge to enter.

Special Offer – Ticketholders may have a discount of 10% off the price of food and drink purchased on the day of their visit by showing your date-stamped sticker

For further information please contact us on (01743) 258885



Lovely gathering yesterday at Willow Gallery!

We had a lovely gathering yesterday at Willow Gallery! We welcomed Neil Higson to the group and all of us had a chance to update everyone on our art journeys and inspirations. We had a good look at the current exhibition of BVA Bijoux works and also loved seeing Wilf’s work on the end wall of the gallery and also in the Dunbabin room. Clive showed us some photographs of his latest still life works in oils, that were stunning, and gave us some good advice on house insurance re ones artworks. John explained a number of his processes when constructing his comic works, and Sandy updated us about the group she attends in Coed Poeth – where Elfyn Jones is soon due to give some input. Jane advised on her new found interest in working with greenwood, Rob is experimenting with water colour and looking forward to one of Tereska Shepherd’s courses on The Garden, Neil explained his background in landscape and Hilary gave us insight into her new all day life classes held above the Willow Gallery. Diana mentioned her recent development into abstract landscapes that escape the frame.  She promised to email members the proforma on updating an Artist’s statement that she found extremely useful. (We were sad not see see Josie due to car problems).

Reminders: The next exhibition at the Gallery is painting with words – application forms from the gallery.

John will be giving a talk on Heritage at Hermon Chapel on 10th March in the evening, and we will be showing a few of the hillfort works from AHH.

IMG_4434 Rob welcoming Neil Higson………

IMG_4435 John and Hilary discussing Hilary’s sculptures



Wilf’s amazing works on Trees look wonderful!


We were invited to visit Hilary’s huge new studio above the Dunbabin room and see where her life drawing classes are held. They will start again as the weather warms up – Diana is keen to try a 3D response in clay. Watch this space for more details! (We are planning an indoor sketching day for February – all welcome as well as all ideas on where gratefully received!)

IMG_4444      IMG_4438

Tessa Beaver – Artist, printmaker


Thanks to Anne Duffy for posting this on Facebook. More about this artist printmaker here:

A Favourite Artist: John Clark

John Clark

(thanks to Hilary Cowley Greer for sharing!)


“I paint and build people. They are usually imagined, occasionally remembered and sometimes they are models; fragments of bodies that I have found and/or built.
Whatever the source, the work proceeds with some urgency as if it were a hunt. Meanings percolate gently through the mixing; attaching and detaching themselves as the arrangements shift. I exert little control but take notice and what I notice I paint or build. I suspect that at the heart of the process is a question of identity, allied to a suspicion that the real world is as much a product of desire as it is an object.

In recent work I have looked more and directed less. The work has become smaller and simpler. The larger groupings have given way to smaller studies. Heads float in space, arms lie on planes, figures drift.”

– taken from John Clark’s website.

ModernGothic_03-337x505.jpg    Born 1964
Schooled; Derby,Glasgow,Bristol,Oxford
Graduated; Oxford University (Distinction) 1986
Exhibitions 2010-16 London, New York, Miami, Cambridge, Bristol, Stockholm, Beijing, Edinburgh
Exhibitions 1987-95 Poland, Finland, Scotland, England, Spain
Employed 1986-2010 Sony, Infogram, Greys school of Art, Tramway, Glasgow Sculpture Studios
Publications 2011-12 Good Old Drawing, From Killzone to Canvas, Show me the MonetCaughtSleeping_03_Batt-337x505.jpg

(Send me a link to your favourite artist and lets share a feast throughout 2018 – thanks in anticipation –

Painting with Words -opportunity at Willow Gallery’s next exhibition


Willow Gallery CIC Exhibition: Information for Exhibitors

Exhibition Title: Painting with Words

Exhibition Dates:  Saturday 3rd March – Saturday 7th April

Summary: An open exhibition celebrating the influence and inspiration of literature and language on the visual arts. We encourage Artists to explore this interesting and inspiring topic in a broad range of styles, materials and interpretations.

Key themes for inspiration:

Literature, language, storytelling, prose, poetry, song lyrics, sung and spoken word, myths, legends and local history.
Calligraphy, illuminated manuscripts, typesetting, print, bookbinding, paper and print.

Media: Open to paintings, textiles, printmaking, batik, drawing, mixed media and sculpture.

Description: Artists can submit a single piece or a series of work; submission fees are according to the space used rather than number of works submitted. The gallery will be responsible for hanging all artwork. Artwork can be replaced as work sells with no extra charge.

 Exhibition Timetable:
Application Form Deadline: Monday 12th February

Exhibition Dates: Saturday 3rd March – Saturday 7th April

Delivery of Art Work: Monday 19th February, 10am to 6pm
Collection of unsold artwork: Saturday 7th April, 4pm – 6pm & Sunday 15th April. 10am to midday

Submission Types and Prices covering five weeks.
Type 1: Maximum total width of all works (inc. frames) ≤100cm – £20
Type 2: Maximum total width of all works (inc. frames) ≤200cm – £40
Type 3: Maximum total width of all works (inc. frames) ≤300cm – £60

Type 4: Maximum total width of all works (inc. frames)≤400cm – £80
Type 5: Plinth for sculpture, ceramics and 3D work – 20x30cm – £20

Payments can be made by BACS transfer to;   Willow Oswestry CIC

Sort Code: 60-16-04.   Account Number: 74155253.
Or alternatively you can pay in person at the gallery by cash or card.
The gallery takes 35% commission on all artwork sold. Please include this commission within the given selling price on the application form. The Willow Gallery is a community interest, not-for-profit, gallery therefore commission on sales and exhibition entry fees go to supporting the up-keep of the gallery.
Entry Form:
Title your postal application / email: Painting with Words 2018
Please send example (JPEG) images of work with the title or post images of your artwork which will help us to advertise and promote your work.
Provide a list of the works you wish to exhibit and the dimensions on the attached form.
Submission fee is required to be paid with the entry form.                                                     Please indicate any special requests or enquires about hanging unusual work.


Work Images
Please supply us in high quality digital format (JPEG) individual images of your work, this will assist us in promoting your work through our website and advertising.

Preparation of work:
All framed/canvas work must be mirror plated in the middle of the frame and strung 1/3rd down the frame using D rings and picture cord.


All artwork including sculpture must be clearly labeled on the back. All framed/canvas works must have a luggage style label hanging down from the back of the artwork giving artwork details as described above. This label must be clearly visible when the work is on the wall. The work should also be clearly marked. This is essential for accurate labelling and hanging of artwork.

Artist Statement:

All work needs an artist statement that should be emailed to the gallery. This should be no larger than an A5 portrait page at font size 14, Garamond style, and should be used as an opportunity to promote yourself and your work. Our buyers are very interested in the inspiration and motivation of our artists. Discuss your use of materials or any unusual media and processes that make your work unique. How did you start your portfolio and how has your work developed over time? Does your lifestyle and experience weave into your creative process? An insight into the artist’s mind and background can further promote work and assist us in marketing, help to get your work the attention it deserves.

Please send application and enquiries to:
Willow Gallery CIC
56 Willow Street
SY11 1AD

Email :Subject: Painting with Words Exhibition 2018 Email:

Microsoft Word - Exhibition Entry Form - Painting with Words 201

Microsoft Word - Artist Disclaimer 2018.docx

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