School of Creative Arts Research Centre Talk
Wed 25 Oct 12.00 noon, Oriel Sycharth Gallery

Carbon Meets Silicon is biennial exhibition that uses carbon and silicon as metaphors for the changing face of art practice in the digital age. The theme of this year’s exhibition is Arts/Science/Technology Collaborations and includes the work of 16 diverse artists, scientists and technologists from North America, Italy, Denmark and the UK working across a range of media.  To understand the complexity of the world we need to utilise the cognitive evolutionary tools developed through both scientific and artistic thinking. Science allows us to understand causality, predictions and rationality; art gives us expression, surprise and has the capacity to change minds.

Come along and hear the curators Susan Liggett and Mike Corcoran talk about the selection process, the work on display, the ideas behind the work and to hear about what research means to artists and scientists.

All Welcome.