Josie showed us her sketchbook and some paintings and explained how she had become interested in Winifred Nicholson – the perhaps rarely talked about first wife of Ben Nicholson who later married Barbara Hepworth with whom he had triplets that were apparently “farmed out” from the age of 3 months to 2 years, did you know!! Josie is currently interested in Winifred’s paintings of windows looking out from interiors, exploring the private and public, the inside and and outside of our lives. We critiqued some of Josie’s works which she found very helpful.


Winifred Nicholson

Clive showed us a photo of one of his best portraits so far – an amazingly Rembrandt type beautiful painting of Chris Dunbabin which we are all looking forward to seeing “in the flesh”. He pointed out a few artists that have inspired him (very well worth looking up!) :- Pam Hawkes who paints on copper

Coccon. oil, beeswax and dutch metal on board. 69cm. x 69cm.

Coccon. oil, beeswax and dutch metal on board. 69cm. x 69cm.

Pam Hawkes

Victor Wang whose techniques with paint are breathtaking.


Victor Wang

And Uriel Dana and Jane Ray – see below:-


Uriel Dana


Jane Ray children’s illustrator

Holly talked of her interest  and current research into portraits that included textiles and how to perfect painting them, for example fur, cloth, patchwork, knitting etc Holly’s current set of portraits are on display in the current Willow Gallery exhibition along with a beautiful wall of Frank Trigg’s work (he popped in to say hello!) Darren Frazer’s painterly portraits of people filled with feeling and emotion and Beatrix’s reclining sculptures.

Hilary showed us three excellent portraits of the same model all achieve on one day – one in graphite, and two different views in paint.

Exhibitions to visit: MOMA in Machynlleth where Stephen West is showing a new set of Tree drawings and paintings and Ffin-y-Parc which is alway well worth a visit.

After a general discussion about Emin’s bed – a newer , smaller sanitised version? (Discuss!) (the original owned by Saatchi succumbed to fire years ago) on view at Tate Liverpool, and how Rob taught Tracy French in a Margate  school way back, except she was always absent, we went our separate ways re-energised with ideas and resolutions!

A lovely meeting, well supported by Willow Eatery drinks and delicious snacks.Hilary has offered to host the next meeting in March, a date to be confirmed. Watch this space! Happy drawing painting and sculpting everyone!