“The protests at Standing Rock resonate with communities around the world fighting to protect important heritage sites from misplaced development.
We’ll be doing the same for Old Oswestry at the Hillfort Hug on Sunday 12th February 2017, now in it’s 3rd year.
Please save the date and share this widely.” Kate Clark




We see our HOOOH – Hands off Old Oswestry Hillfort – ie”no buildings on the setting of Old Oswestry Hillfort”- protest as part of a wider movement.

It is a movement and focus about retaining our green spaces, our precious and disappearing flora and fauna  and preserving our human heritage and history for future generations.

The future belongs to the young!

Young people get a sense of direction for their own lives by feeling, sensing and knowing where they come from, where they are now and where THEY need to get to in the future.

Below are the beautiful Hillfort paintings created by some of the children from Holy Trinity School Oswestry. They remind us about how they feel now about this wonderful green space that they can enjoy.

We, the adults must help preserve this for them and their children and future generations.


These paintings were on display at The Willow Gallery in Oswestry last May and  will be on display again as part of the “Heritage Matters” exhibition downstairs at The Visitor and Exhibition Centre, Oswestry, from January 4th until the end of February 2017.